Translating & Exploring the best, and worst, of Japan.

Focusing on Japanese media, social media, music, movies, books, people, and products.

I love Japan. Maybe you do too.

So, you might be interested in my translations of texts from Japanese. I take a special interest in left-of-center Japanese music and lyrics. A lot of these I’ve put on the Japanoscope Youtube channel, with performances of the translationed songs.

In the process of learning Japanese and translating stuff, I’ve also put together a list of some of my favourite Japanese language learning resources

There is also a bunch of features on here about Japanese Products, including Japanese gift ideas including Japanese Gifts for her, Japanese gifts for him pages, gifts for sushi lovers. You could find a Naruto Hoodie for the anime lover, or a Kotatsu for the, um, floor heating lover.  

My aim here is to go deeper than than just “Samurai and Sakura blossoms”. 

I love Japan. Maybe you do too.


I also have a Podcast presenting different Japanese Translations

Japanoscope Japanese
Japanoscope Japanese

Who is behind this site?

I’m Peter Joseph Head. I lived in Japan for four years as a student at Kyoto City University of the Arts doing a Masters Degree, have toured the country six times playing music and speak Japanese (JLPT N1). I’ve written songs in Japanese and have released several albums through Tokyo label Majikick Records.