Month: April 2020

Japanoscope Translations Podcast #1 An Abridged English Translation of Chichan no Kageokuri (Chii and the shadow game) ちいちゃんのかげおくり英語訳

Graded Japanese reading practice, abridged-text version of the classic children’s story Chichan No Kageokuri by Kimiko Anma in Japanese and english. This story is read by millions of Japanese children every year as part of their studies and helps teach about the trials the Japanese people faced during world war two.

Ii Yu Da Na いい湯だな-英語訳-In English Translation

志村けんを追悼してドリフターズが「8時だよ全員集合」で歌っていた「いい湯だな」の英語版を作りました。歌詞とダウンロードがあります。In honour of the late Ken Shimura who recently died in the Covid-19 Pandemic. R.I.P. – everyone will gather at 8pm on the other side. Part of series “Songs In Translation”, a regular segment on the Melbourne’s Radio RRR Vital Bits.