Month: November 2020

The 30 New Japanese Words of 2020 日本の新語・流行語2020について日本語と英語で話す

https://youtu.be/lsvbIjILhBI Each year the Japanese company U-Can put out a list of 30 new Japanese Words, called 流行語 ryukogo or 新語 shingo, that have entered the Japanese language.  In the audio/video/text presented here, I have a conversation with youtuber Moshi Moshi Yusuke about these Japanese words, and the Japanese social trends they are connected with. …

The 30 New Japanese Words of 2020 日本の新語・流行語2020について日本語と英語で話す Read More »

Japanese Games

I list my favorite all-time Japanese games for families and friends. Includes Japanese games that need nothing at all, as well as Japanese card games, Japanese board games and Japanese learning games.

Top Japanese Gift Ideas For 2024

I’ve put together a big ol’ list of my favorite Japanese Gifts and presents available now. If you have a loved one who loves Japan, then this is your one-stop-shop for Japanese gift ideas.

Japanese Gifts For Him 2024

If youre looking for a gift for your Japan man, this is the place to look. We’ve chosen our favorite Japanese gifts for him, from Japanese home items to Japanese clothes, Japanese books, gifts for sushi lovers, to Japanese language learning gifts. It’s all here.