Month: February 2021

Hiking Mount Takao

View from halfway point up Mt. Takao As part of my new life after I first moved to Japan, I wanted to climb some mountains. So I visited one of the most popular spots for hiking near Tokyo, Takao-san. It’s one of the easiest climbs to find near Tokyo. Was it worth it? Top Tips …

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Gurenge (Demon Slayer – Kimetsu No Yaiba Opening Song) Translated To English And Explained 鬼滅の刃OP紅蓮華の歌詞を英語に訳して解説 https://youtu.be/_IkopJwRDKUhttps://youtu.be/rFbA75b_rlA The opening song for Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba, Gurenge by LiSA, is a power punch of determination, grit, darkness and hope. The song Gurenge has become so iconic that it was even performed by The Tokyo Ska Paradise …

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Miyama Kayabuki No Sato

A gallery of pictures from a trip to the wonderful Kayabuki No Sato in Miyama. Miyama is also known as one of those quintessential “yuki guni” Japanese winter destinations. Can you find a list of more great places to visit in Japan in winter here.

Japanese Band Musician Chat

Recently I had a chat with few of my favourite musicians from Japan: Saya from Tenniscoats, Yuko Ikema and Sota Tateishi from Jon No Son on the radio show “Kikeru Radio”.
テニスコーツのさや、池間由布子, 立石草太と「きけるラジオ」で話をしました。
Here’s a transcription in Japanese & English.

Transcript and pictures here:

Original recording of chat appeared on Minna Kikeru Radio here:

Sayas – New Home

Ikema Yuko 池間由布子 Albums

Japanese music and Albums mentioned in the recording:
Kanako Numata –

Kohost Sota Tateishi’s 立石草太 album with Jon No Son ジョンのサン:

Yumbo Onibi

Onibi, by Yumbo is such a wonderful song. I’ve done a translation of the lyrics and will post an English language version when I get time.  Here’s Yumbo songwriter Shibuya Koji playing the song with his Sendai hometown band of Eternal Calamity. https://youtu.be/loCkWGAV42c Shibuya Koji 澁谷浩次 of Yumbo & Eternal Calamity 鬼火がわたしの戸口に灯っている夜明けまで酒のなかでちらついている 鬼火が触れた猫を家来にして防波堤で飽きることなく遊んでいる 鬼火よわたしをもとに戻せ鬼火よ家具のような重さへ 鬼火が燃やし尽くした街角は切り分けられた魚のようにとても静かだ …

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