Month: August 2021

Mononoke meaning

What does mononoke mean? In short, a mononoke is an umbrella term for an evil spirit in Japan. They are natural or supernatural spirit-beings that can possess a person, cause illness or death.  The term mononoke appears frequently in Japanese Heian period literature.  Mononoke are often seen as a spiritual manifestation of jealousy or resentment. …

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Fuji Rock 2021 Festival Headliners

An overview of the top headlinering bands from the 2021 Fuji Rock Festival Line Up. Including Chai, Char, Denki Groove, OAU, The Spellbound, Vaundy, Radwimps, Metafive, Tempalay, Kan Sano, The Alexx, Number Girl, Rovo and more.

How to Say Ramen In Japanese?

Ramen is pronounced raah-men in Japanese (/ˈrɑːmən/). The ra is like the “ra” from “Rasp”. And the the “men” is the same is the English plural for man “men”. You can hear a native speaker pronounce the word here Why are ramen called ramen? The “Ra” from “ramen” means “Chinese”. The word ramen comes from …

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25 Shinto Anime Selections

A list of 25 anime titles that reference shinto in some way. Includes links to where each anime can be streamed online and brief introduction to the relationship between shinto and anime.

Noriyoshi Ohrai Metal Gear Art

Noriyoshi Ohrai metal gear 1. About Noriyoshi Ohrai Japanese Illustrator Noriyoshi Ohrai has designed some of the most iconic movie and game poster art in the world. Although working as an illustrator from 1962, Noriyoshi got his first big break when, at the age of 45, George Lucas saw one of his Star Wars “fan …

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