Month: February 2023

Best Donabe Pots

Japnese food is great when prepared properly using high-quality kitchenware. One of the many kitchenware items that Japan is proud of is the high-quality “Donabe”. A Japanese kitchen is not complete without a Donabe in it.  What is Donabe? A Donabe is a Japanese cooking ware made of clay or ceramics. The design of Donabe …

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Kagura Meaning Demon Slayer

Kagura refers to the traditional dance that Shinto God believers offer to the Gods as a way to receive blessings or protection. In the case of Demon Slayer, the Kamados’ dance, the Hinokami Kagura, is a form of traditional dance passed on by their ancestors to generations of Kamados. According to Tanjiro’s Mother, Kei kamado, …

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Ume Meaning Demon Slayer

Ume in Demon Slayer refers to the name of Daki before she became a demon and part of the Upper Moon rank. She was a beautiful girl with long white hair and big blue eyes. Her older brother Gyutaro is very proud of her beauty since Gyutaro grew up ridiculed and pushed away by everyone, …

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Kinoe Meaning Demon Slayer

Kinoe refers to the highest rank an ordinary member of the demon slayer corps can attain within the organization. Konoes are part of the extermination team, which are the combatants designated to exterminate demons as part of the frontliners.  The Kinoe Rank Kinoes have the highest authority among Demon Slayers after the Hashiras. And since …

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Kibutsuji Meaning Demon Slayer

Kibutsuji is the last name of the main villain of Demon Slayer named, Muzan. Muzan Kibutsuji is the king of demons and the progenitor of all demons in the Demon Slayer universe.  The last name Kibutsuji doesn’t have any significant meaning related to anything about Muzan’s powers, importance to the story, and even backstory, apart …

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DKT Demon Slayer Meaning

DKT is an acronym made by Demon Slayer fans which stands for Demon King Tanjiro. The Demon King Tanjiro refers to Tanjiro’s transformation to a demon when Muzan possessed Tanjiro during the final battle in the Sunrise Countdown Arc.   Why DKT Is Stronger Than Muzan Demon King Tanjiro is the strongest demon that ever existed, …

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Daki Meaning Demon Slayer

Daki refers to one of the two 6th Upper Moon demons in Demon Slayer in the Entertainment District Arc. She is the younger sister of the 6th Upper Moon demon, Gyutaro.  Both Daki and Gyutaro share the 6th spot of the upper rank among Muzan’s demons and work together as one in the Yoshiwara area.  …

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