30+ best demon slayer female uniforms

With the popularity of Japanese manga and anime, the female characters of demon slayer have become a popular cosplay subject. Female cosplayers have created a wide range of demon slaying uniforms, from simple dresses to full body suits with swords and other accessories. Some cosplayers even create elaborate costumes that are faithful to the manga or anime originals.

There are many different cosplay costumes for women, but which one suits you best? It’s good to know your options where you can choose which character uniform inspires you most in the demon slayer series.

The options for your costume are very wide, from sexy to conservative type. The one thing they have all in common is that each costume has a component of the Japanese traditional wear –it can be the Kimono, the Obi, the patterns found in Kimonos, the Haori, or even the accessories used such as the Katana.

There are also options as to which side you want to cosplay: the Demon Slayer Corps or the Demons themselves.

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The Demon Slayer Corps VS the Demons Costumes

The Demon Slayer Corps uniforms are based on the old Japanese police and civil servant uniforms used during and after the Meiji Era. The female characters of the Demon slayer corps often wear their work uniform but there were also instances where they wore normal Yukata or Kimono. Whatever they wear, they always have their own symbols on their clothes, may it be the pattern or color they like or an accessory that represents their technique.

Because the setting of the anime is in Taisho Era, most female demons wear traditional Kimono while the men mostly wear pants and traditional Yukata, which is based the cultural mores of the time. The reasons for this are mainly for better mobility and so that the wearers aren’t bothered by the climate. The demons always try to portray elegance and power at the same time. Their style of clothing is becomes more eye-catching in parallel with their status in demon rank, and where they have come from in larger society as well.

Demon Slayer Female Uniforms

To give you a better view of the options available, here are some female costumes you can choose from the female characters of the Demon Slayer anime:


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Daki’s costume is very unique among all the demons in the series. Her costume is a combination of a bikini and an Obi. She’s the only one who wears a two-piece bikini into a fight. It represents well her fake job as an Oiran (a female Japanese prostitute).

The color of her Obi is primarily magenta pink representing her beauty while her bikini is a combination of maroon and black representing her abusive behavior and aggressiveness towards the people surrounding her. Her Obi is shaped as a 4-petal flower almost like a 4-star shuriken that is also printed on her Obi.

Her name Daki (堕姫) meaning degenerate princess or prostitute, is well represented in her costume which is considered very indecent for a girl in her era

Mitsuri Kanroji

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Mitsuri Kanroji’s costume follows a standard Demon Slayer Corps uniform with a plain white Haori despite her overflowing bust size –which probably popped the middle buttons of her top uniform allowing them to breathe.

Her distinct looks among all other corps come from the color of her hair which she matched with her light green long socks and pink geta (Japanese traditional footwear).

Her scabbard is plain white with pink paint on the edge and the handle of her sword is a combination of light blue and pink. The Tsuba or the guard of her sword has a Sakura petal shape.

Her name (甘寺 蜜璃) that means “sweet nectar” is accentuated by her sweet personality and looks. She is one of the beloved characters of the anime that’s commonly cosplayed in many


Makio’s costume is a simple sleeveless short (just above the knee) Kunoichi uniform – derived from the traditional Kimono. Its color is devilish red with black thin strips and has a long slit on each side. The color of her Obi is dark red close to maroon.

Its design is close to a modern dress with a plunging neckline. Her black hair is ponytailed and her golden bangs or fringe is separated in the middle. Her costume is designed to be a sexy but strong Kunoichi.

She is both seductive and aggressive but an obvious Tsundere, a perfect representation of her costume’s color and design. It would work well to have a Kunai and to wrap your legs with black bandages than wearing black socks (Tabi) or stockings.

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Tengen Uzui Wife Cosplay Costume Suma Cosplay Hinatsuru Uniform Makio Dress Outfit (L, Blue)

The dunce, scaredy, cutesy type wife of Tengen wears a blue Kunoichi uniform with a plunging neckline –a typical design of Tengen’s wives. Her Obi is light-colored in the manga but gray in Anime. She also carries Kunai with her which she probably hides in her cleavage area –sounds very dangerous.

The ribbon on her Obi is tucked in, unlike the other wives which indicates that she is the reserved type among the three. Unlike like Hinatsuru and Makio, she wears black Tabi socks instead of a fishnet stocking or bandages on her legs which represents her warm and comforting personality.

Her hair is not tied but loose while her bangs or fringe is short similar to a baby style indicating that she is a happy-go-lucky and slightly carefree type. She is a typical depiction of a cute character that most heroes love and care for.


Uzui Tengen Wife Cosplay Costume Hinatsuru Makio Suma Slim Dress Uniform Outfit (M, Purple)

Hinatsuru is the seductive but deadly type of wife of Tengen. Despite her looks, she is the opposite of the depiction of a typical “Bitchy” character in Japanese culture –not to confuse with the western definition of the B word. Bitchy in Japanese refers to women who are flirtatious and have a sleazy demeanor.

She wears the typical Tengen Kunoich uniform (short sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline and a long slit on each side). Her uniform’s color is purple with black square prints. Her uniform is unique among the three since hers is the only one with a white neckline.

Her Obi is red-violet and properly ribboned at the back. Her personality is the perfect depiction of the color purple (Murasaki) which is the color of the ruling class in the old Japanese culture. Not only that she looks sophisticated, but she also has a classy but seductive aura making her one of the most cosplayed characters of Demon Slayer.

Her long black hair is ponytailed and she wears a sexy fishnet stocking. Her image is considered an ideal woman in Japanese culture.

Female Kibutsuji Muzan

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I know its sounds weird since Muzan is actually a man, however, Muzan can change his form into a woman since he can manipulate his body on a cellular level. He is the very definition of a “Trap” in all sense and meaning.

Female Muzan first appeared in the Mugen Train Arc. She –or He, whatever—wears an elegant traditional black Kimono embedded with a light floral design. Inside her Kimono is a white Haneri which overlaps a little in the neck and other openings of the Kimono.

Her Obi is embroidered with black and gold while her Obihime and Obidome are plain white. The Obeage is somewhat grayish in the anime.

Her hair is gracefully tied with gold beads to a dangling bun at the back. While her long curly bangs or fringe dangles around her pale white face. She also has a vampiric aura with her red eyes and sharp fangs.

Her costume is exemplary of an authentic traditional Kimono and the design exudes elegance and overwhelming power. She is truly the King (or Queen) of all demons

Kanao Tsuyuri

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Kanao wears the standard Corps uniform of the demon slayers: long sleeve top with large white buttons and two white stripes at the upper left portion of the uniform. She also prefers to wear a uniform skirt and a white belt with it.

What makes Kanao look different from the rest is her white cloak –instead of a Haori—tied with a pink triple-looped bow on the left side of her shoulder.

She also has a very high ponytail on the right held together by a large butterfly accessory –proof that she is a disciple and an adopted sister of Shinobu and Kanae Kocho. Also, her bangs or fringed is blunt style. She also wears white long army boots with golden laces. She depicts a cute but mysterious loli image.

Just like Shinobu, her uniform has two variations: the standard black and the purple-pink type. Her scabbard is pure white and her sword’s handle is colored pink and white. The Guard on her sword has an intricate design of Sakura.

Purple-Pink Type Kanao Tsuyuri Uniform

ZDEARKEY Women's Kanao Tsuyuri Cosplay Costume Purple Skirt Halloween Outfit With Hairpin (X-Small)

Nezuko Kamado

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One of the most cosplayed characters in Demon Slayer is Nezuko. The super kawaii loli demon sister of Tanjiro Kamado wears the famous bright pink kimono with an Asanaho (hemp leaf) pattern. The bright pink color of her Kimono, the hair tie, and her eyes accentuate her femininity as the delicate only sister left that Tanjiro painstakingly protects.

Her easily recognized kimono is held tightly by a red and white-checkered Obi and an orange thread Obijime. Underneath her Obi is a light green Obi-age. Her Nagajuban (clothes underneath the Kimono) is pale pink but is sometimes seen as white in anime.

Her hair is long and wavy with a black to orange gradient. She also wears a pink strapped Zouri and white Tabi socks. Because the Kamado residence is originally on a snowy mountain, Nezuko also strapped a thick cloth around her shin to keep herself warm. On top of her Kimono is a long brownish Haori.

Her character design is an embodiment of her name 禰豆子. The kanji 禰which means “ancestral shrine” which explains the shade of red on her costume, 豆 means “beans” represented by the brown Haori and orange hair, and 子 means “a word that comes after a woman’s name, child.” 

Variation on Nezuko outfit

If you want to have a unique and modern twist to cosplaying her, you can also try this Nezuko-inspired maid uniform.

Yunbei Japanese Kamado Nezuko Kimono Cosplay Costume Kanroji Mitsuri Yukata Robe Dress Outfit (L, Pink)

Shinobu Kocho

Anime Demon Slayer Kochou Shinobu Poster Modern Office Family Bedroom Wall Art Decorative Picture Posters Room Aesthetic Decor Painting Canvas 12x18inch(30x45cm)

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Shinobu is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the series. That’s why when everyone found out about her death in the manga, we all wept in despair. 

The Kocho sisters are known for their butterfly costumes mainly coming from their last name (Kocho) and their insect sword style. The butterfly patterned Haori and butterfly hairpin is hard to miss. When Shinobu jumps high, she looks like a giant flying butterfly. Her movements are also similar to a delicate butterfly hopping from one flower to another.

Her sword is uniquely designed like a butterfly proboscis, not meant for cutting but piercing enemies. She relies on her ability to develop poison using the Wisteria extracts to kill demons.

Her costume follows the standard Demon Slayer corps uniform but instead of a skirt, despite being a girl, she prefers to wear pants. Nonetheless, her femininity is never diminished, not even a single bit. 

Her hair is primarily black but her bangs or fringe has a gradient blue. It’s also short enough to be tied at the back with a giant butterfly ornament.

She also wears a purple strapped Zuori and purple Tabi socks. Her shin covers have the same pattern as her Haori.

The color of her uniform has two variations: standard black in manga and dark purple in anime. The color purple is supposed to represent the fact that she poisons her enemies to death compared to the Murasaki of Hinatsuru which represents royal elegance.

Aoi Kanzaki

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Aoi Zanaki is another Tsundere character of the Demon Slayer corps and is mainly responsible for the support and treatment of the slayers. She wears the standard black demon slayer corps uniform in manga and the dark purple one in anime.

Being a helper in the butterfly mansion under the supervision of Shinobu, Aoi also wears butterfly accessories on her pigtails. Her bangs or fringe is a curtain type but other than that, her black hair is not very distinguishable.

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As an alternative to her demon slayer uniform, she wears a medic uniform when treating injured demon slayers.

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Demon Slayer: Tamayo Kimono Cosplay Outfit Kochou Shinobu Tanjirou Costume Halloween Kimono Suit (XS, Tamayo Cosplay)

Who doesn’t like the ever elegant and motherly type Tamayo-san? Despite being a demon, she is one of the most beloved characters in the series. However, there is only a handful of times where she’s cosplayed in major events.

Tamayo wears an elegant traditional dark purple Homonogi Kimono designed with light purple vines and bright red flowers that accentuates her light purple eyes. Her Obi and Obijime have a very light green color (close to the color of pistachio) and her Nagajuban and Obi-age are cream white. She also wears plain white Tabi socks and a purple Zouri.  

Her dark hair is elegantly braided to the back and warped around to form a low bun. Her hair is held together by a purple Tama-kanzashi hairpin.

Her purple character design is a depiction of her elegance and her medicinal and blood art abilities. 

Spider Demon (Daughter)

miccostumes Women's Older Sister Spider Demon Kumo oni Ane Cosplay Costume Kimono (X-Large)

The spider demon daughter or Kumo oni: Ane is an iconic character in the first season of the anime. She was a damsel in distress trapped in the hands of her adopted family. She eventually died violently in the hands of Shinobu and her Wisteria poison.

She wears a pure white Kimono as well as a white Obi embroidered with spider silk design. Her Nagajuban is dark blue with white patterns and the back dangling ribbon of her Kimono is also a dark blue color.

She wears her white long hair down and divides it into four portions: two in front and two in the back. Each portion is held together by a giant aquamarine pearl-like ornament with a blue ribbon at the bottom. Her face is pale white with red circa markings on each corner. Her lashes and brows are light aquamarines.

Her character is a depiction of a weak older sister who will do anything to survive.

Spider Demon (Mother)

miccostumes Women's Mother Spider Demon Rui Cosplay Costume Kimono (Large) White

The Spider Demon Mother or Kumo oni: Haha was a sadistic and bullied character trapped by his adopted son into a spider family and eventually found peace and freedom thru Tanjiro. She is said to look much like Rui (A lower rank five demon and her adopted son).

Just like any girl member of the spider family, her face is pale white and decorated with red circa markings. Her hair is also white and is divided into four portions. Each portion also has a giant aquamarine pearl-like accessory but unlike the daughters, she doesn’t add ribbon to her hair ornament.

Her Kimono is pure white and accentuated by her bloody red Nagajuban. The design of her Kimono is very revealing with a plunging neckline and a long slit on each side showing a lot of her legs. Her Obi is also white printed with light purple flowers.

She also wears a seemingly Buddhist necklace with a giant aquamarine pearl –just like her hair ornament. She also doesn’t wear any footwear.

Her character can be seen as a “Bitchy” type who loves to torture everyone.


Great Eastern Entertainment Demon Slayer-Sabito & Makomo Wall Scroll, Multi-Color

Yunbei Womens Makomo Cosplay Kimono Anime Kimetsu No Yaiba Halloween Dress Costume Full Set (M, Pink)

Makomo, meaning Manchurian wild rice, is an innocent loli character who is also a fellow disciple of Tanjiro. She appeared in the Mount Sagiri arc along with Sabito.

Her costume is a short red Yukata embroidered with pink and white flowers. On top of her Yukata is a sleeveless black haori held together along with her Yukata by a light brown Obi with a tucked ribbon at the back.

She also wears light brown sandals matching her Obi. Her shoulder-length black spiky hair, micro bangs or fringe along with her big deep-cyan eyes make her look childish and adorable. 

One more thing that makes her noticeable is her white warding mask that looks like a cat’s face (similar to the masked worn by the Anbus in Naruto and Gin of Hotarobi no Mori). Her mask is painted with blue flowers on the right jaw part.

She is the depiction of a cute and innocent little girl.

Ubuyashiki Amane

Anime Cosplay Costume Ubuyashiki Amane Cosplay Kimono Outfit Anime Role Play Costume Set

The wife of the head of the demon slayer corps of wisteria, Amane Ubuyashiki, has large lavender eyes and short white hair ponytailed at the back.

She wears a salmon-colored traditional Kimono with brown and flesh-like Obi, topped with a dark blue Haori designed with light blue prints.

She depicts a supportive and loving wife to her ill husband who has a congenital curse passed down to every male member of his family.  


Crossplaying is a good way to try a different side of representing your favorite characters. It is commonly practiced in conventions and cosplay events. It helps you go beyond the limitations of having to choose characters that only suit your gender especially if you prefer the costumes of a character of a different gender.

Here are some fun female costumes you can wear for your crossplay that represents the male characters of Demon Slayer.

Uzui Tengen

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Tengen’s uniform is a sleeveless dark blue version of the standard Demon Slayer Corps uniform. It accentuates his muscles which makes him look ripped and sexy. He wears thick golden bangles on both of his arms and double-loop golden bracelets that hold together his fingerless dark blue gloves that are secured on the middle finger.

Instead of regular pants, he wears hakama pants wrapped with a burgundy cloth around his calves and shin. His footwear is white strapped Zouri and dark blue Tabi socks.

Let’s also not forget his fancy headband embedded with three giant gemstones and three smaller ones on the side. The headband also has a long dangling string of gemstones on each side.

His white hair is covered with a white bandage that wraps around his head leaving a small ponytail dangling at the back.

You can wear this female version of Tengen’s costume and capture the “Seductiveness” of his character in a female form.


ZX ART Anime Demon Slayer Rengoku Kyoujurou Poster Modern Office Family Bedroom Wall Art Decorative Picture Posters Room Aesthetic Decor Painting Canvas 12x18inch(30x45cm)

Tkieio Tanjiro Cosplay Costume Kochou Outfit Cosplay Kimono Outfit Uniform Costume Role Play Full Set(Rengoku Kyoujurou,L),Large

Rengoku’s design exudes power and strength. His character embodies the flame that burns in his technique. The dominant colors in his overall look are fire red and light orange. His hair is long and spiky much like a burning fire.

He has thick black eyebrows with a split at the top. His eyes are color orange.

He wears the standard uniform of the Demon Slayer corps but in brown color with a white Haori designed with red and fire flames at the bottom. His shin guard as well is designed with fire matching his hair and Haoiri.

His footwear is white Zouri with red strings and his Tabi socks are color brown matching his uniform.

His katana’s guard is designed with burning fire. This is an important detail as his guard was eventually passed down to Tanjiro after his death.

His character depicts a strong and sturdy fire that keeps burning bright much as his conviction.

Tkieio Tanjiro Cosplay Costume Kochou Outfit Cosplay Kimono Outfit Uniform Costume Role Play Full Set(Rengoku Kyoujurou,L),Large

Here is a made female version of his uniform that embodies his prominent features.

BYHai Demon Slayer Rengoku Kyoujurou Cosplay Costume Japanese Anime Lolita Kimono Maid Cosplay Uniform Dress Outfit Adult XXL, Multicolor

Muichiro Tokito

ZHUOYUAN Kimetsu No Yaiba Muichiro Tokito Poster Picture Print Wall Art Poster Painting Canvas Posters Artworks Gift Idea Room Aesthetic 08x12inch(20x30cm)

miccostumes Mens Mist Pillar Muichiro Tokito Cosplay Costume Uniforms (XL, Black)

Muichiro’s Uniform is reminiscent of the standard Demon Slayer uniform but looks a lot closer to what Samurai wore in the Edo era. His dark turquoise top has a long and wide sleeve different from the cuffed standard uniform. He also wears a Hakama matching his top making instead. His Zouri’s string matches his Tabi socks and his overall dark turquoise uniform.

In the later part of the manga, his face is tainted with the Demon Slayer mark from his fight with an upper-rank demon.

The design of his uniform is flexible enough to be worn by a woman especially since he also has an androgynous look with his cute face and long hair gradient of black and light green.

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Female Inoske

BYHai Demon Slayer Hashibira Inosuke Cosplay Costume Japanese Anime Lolita Kimono Maid Cosplay Uniform Dress Outfit Adult XL, Blue

XCBVS Anime Demon Slayer Inosuke Poster Decorative Painting Canvas Wall Art Living Room Posters Bedroom Painting 08x12inch(20x30cm)

While Inoske mainly wears a topless uniform covered with boar fur around his waist, everyone went crazy when he, Tanjiro, and Zenitsu cross-dressed during their covert investigation in the Entertainment District Arc.

Although he has a beautiful feminine face that he inherited from his mother is more than enough to pass as a woman, he also wore a bright blue kimono in his attempt to disguise himself as an Oiran.

Here is a replica of his kimono costume in the anime.

Female Zenitsu

Scent Art Demon Slayer Agatsuma Zenitsu Canvas posters for boys room wall art bedroom wall decor,Japanese Anime Fans Gift,12 x 18 Inch,Unframed, 12”x18”

Gonriya Zenitsu Cosplay Kimono Demon Slayer Costume Kimetso No Yaiba Outfit Adult Womens Mens

Female Zenitsu and Tanjiro may not be the prettiest women as a disguise, it’s surely a fun costume to wear.

In his attempt to look like an “attractive” Oiran, he wore his signature yellow to orange gradient design reminiscent of the color of a bright lightning strike. His Kimono also has the small triangle patterns that we used to see in the Haori of his Demon Slayer uniform.

You can also try Zenitsu’s original male uniform.

CR ROLECOS Zenitsu Agatsuma Cosplay Costume for Demon Slayer Zenitsu Cosplay Kimono Outfit Uniform Suit Halloween XS

Female Tanjiro

Gonriya Tanjiro Cosplay Japanese Kimono Demon Slayer Costume Kimetso No Yaiba Outfit for Adult Womens Mens

While Tanjiro’s disguise didn’t go well in the District Entertainment Arc, he did wear a Yukata designed with his signature green and black checkered Haori. His Obi was bright red with thin black stripes on it. His ponytail at the top of his head didn’t help in making him look pretty but it did give everyone good laugh.

If you prefer his original demon slayer uniform, you can also try to crossplay the costume he’s been recognized for.

CR ROLECOS Tanjirou Kamado Cosplay Costume for Demon Slayer Tanjiro Cosplay Kimono Outfit Robe Uniform Suit Halloween L

Doma (Demon who killed Shinobu)

Gonriya Womens Demon Slayer Doma Cosplay Costume Full Set with Hat Cloak

Doma is a typical flamboyant and over-the-top villain. He wears very fancy clothes that make him look slightly gender fluid. He likes to think of himself as royalty, thus, he wears a traditional gown worn by princes in old Japan. He carries with him a pair of golden foldable fans that he uses as a weapon during a fight.

Here is an example of his costume that you can wear for cosplay.

Iguro Obanai

miccostumes Men's Obanai Iguro Cosplay Costume Kimono Uniform Outfit (X-Small)

Another iconic character that you can crossplay is Obanai, the sadistic heterochromia. He covers his mouth with a bandage to hide his slit mouth. He originally had long hair when he was a child but cut it short as he grew older.

He wears the typical standard demon slayer corps uniform tied with a white cloth around his shin. He is known to wear a black and white pinstripe Haori and a white snake around his neck.

He is one of the characters than can be crossplayed easily without adjustments because of his features that can pass a petit woman.   

Kokushibou (Multiple eye demon)

Cosplay Life Kokushibou Demon Killer Vanquisher Complete Anime Costume Set Kimono Cardigan Tanjiro Nezuko Zenitsu (2XL)

While Kokushibou has a very manly aura being one of the strongest warriors in the original demon corps next to his twin brother Yoriichi (the original progenitor of the sword styles used in Wisteria), he can easily be crossplayed because of his loose yukata costume. He also has long ponytailed hair and a tall stance.

His yukata has a black and purple beehive pattern paired with a black hakama. He is definitely worth considering to crossplay especially since he is not commonly cosplayed making you a unique but identifiable character.   

Akaza (Train demon)

Cosplay Life Akaza Demon Killer Vanquisher Complete Anime Costume Set Kimono Cardigan Tanjiro Nezuko Zenitsu (M)

Originally, Akaza’s character design makes him a little difficult to crossplay especially since he only wears a tiny vest for his top. However, it is now possible with a skin tone leotard. This costume available on Amazon is ready to wear Akaza costume with prints that are patterned from Akaza’s body markings. It also has the tiny vets included.

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