The Big List of 42 Japanese Subscription Boxes and What’s inside 2024!

We’ve compiled this epic list of Japanese subscription boxes. We didn’t know there were going to be this many when we started. This is really the first time someone has gone ahead and listed them all.

There are so many options for a monthly subscription box with a Japan theme!

While not exactly a replacement for a trip to the land of the rising sun, these boxes offer everything from candy and snack subscriptions to kawaii crafts. You can go otaku, or old-school culture.

We’ve tried munching our way through some of these boxes (hey, someone had to do it), but not all of them (we’re gluttons!). Anyway, we’ve given a few thoughts about each one, and some more in depth reviews of some…

Japanese Subscription Box Comparison Table

Japanese Subscription Boxes

NamePrice/ MonthNumber of ItemsCategorySpecial CharacteristcsFree Shipping
Tokyo Treat$31.5017Snacks15-20 items. Mainstream snacksYes
Sakuraco$37.5020SnacksTeaHigh end snacks.One "home decor" item per monthYes
Bokksu$49.9522SnacksTea20-24 items. Monthly themesYes
Japan Crate (Premium)$49.9519Snacks18-20 items in premium.3 options available from 22.95 to 49.95Yes
Japan Candy Box$29.9010SnacksJust sweets, generally large portions of famous treats such as Pocky, KitKat, PretzYes
Zenpop Ramen$31.0013SnacksRamenMixedFull sized servings of Japanese Noodles, shipped direct from JapanNo
Zenpop Sweets$31.0013SnacksJapanese candies, snacks, and "crazy items"No
Zenpop Ramen & Sweet Mix$27.0010SnacksRamenMixed2-3 instant noodles PLUS 6-8 Japanese candies, snacks, and treatsNo
Zenpop Stationary$30.009SnacksRamenMixedCute and high quality Japanese stationery products every month, direct from OsakaNo
Zenpop Anime$45.006Anime/Manga/Otaku6 top quality collectibles from 4 of the most famous anime this year sent directly from JapanNo
Umai Box$32.4914SnacksIncl. "A Japanese drink, A DIY kit or Ramen Cup, anime manga snacks"Yes
Mascot Monthly Mix45.50 to $32.0010+SnacksLocal council area mascots!Yes
Kokoro Care Packages55.00 to $95.00Around 10SnacksLuxury box Yes
Sushi Candy12.99 to $41.9810+Snackssnacks AND noodles!Yes
Freedom Japanese Market14.99, 24.99 and 45.9910+SnacksSnacks from family businessYes
Japan Center Pop Culture Snack Box Subscription$34.007Snacks7-10 items in standard box, 11-16 items in premium box ($55)No
Kizuna Box29.99 to 34.9910+ObjectYes
Peko Peko Box45.00 per 2 monthsAround 10ObjectYes
Get Obachan$39.99Around 10ObjectCeramics etc.Yes
My Japan BoxStarts from 29.9910+Object40+ options!Yes
Yume Twins$37.506Kawaii5-7 items YumeTwins OriginalsYumeTwins ExclusivesStationeryLifestyle & HomegoodsFamous Japanese Character Items16+ Page Kawaii Culture GuideYes
Kawaii Box$29.907Kawaii6-8 items plushies squishies and toys stationerykeychainsbags & pouchescandykeychainswearablesaccessories. Yes
Doki Doki$49.505-6Kawaiihousehold goods to plushies, apparel, travel accessoriesYes
Nomakenolife$35.00Around 10BeautyKorean and Japanese cosmetics + skincareYes
Tomotcha$15.00Less than 10Tea & CoffeeSimple, tea onlyNo
Kurusa Japanese Coffee Subscription$31.00Less than 10Tea & CoffeeOnly coffee option on listYes
CapsuleBox$24.49Around 10Toy & GachaponGachapon capsulesYes
Gachapon$38.95Less than 10Toy & Gachapongachapon capsulesYes
Umai Crate$49.959RamenFoodDedicated food box with noodle focus. "8-10 meals per box"Yes
Inku Crate$35.959Stationary"8-10" itemsYes
Fangirl Monthly$18.00Around 10Anime/Manga/OtakuAnime & Manga Inspired Jewelry BoxYes
NihonBox$33.49Around 10Anime/Manga/Otakuincludes non-anime objectsNo
Manga Spice Cafe$38.0010+Anime/Manga/OtakuManga AND snacks!No
The Otaku Box$29.95Around 10Anime/Manga/OtakuIncludes sexual stuffYes
Loot Anime$29.99Around 10Anime/Manga/OtakuYes
Loot Anime Fury$49.99Around 10Anime/Manga/OtakuYes
Crunchyroll Crate$29.99Less than 10Anime/Manga/OtakuCrunchyroll streaming service tie-inYes
Hello Kitty Crate$39.99Less than 10Anime/Manga/OtakuJust Hello KittyYes
Bam Anime Box$34.99Less than 10Anime/Manga/OtakuCelebrity autographed itemsNo
Akibento $33.9510+Anime/Manga/Otakunot a bento, just anime etc.No
Box of Manga$34.90Less than 10Anime/Manga/OtakuSends level-appropriate Japanese mangaYes
Boxuchan$44.99Less than 10Anime/Manga/OtakuAnime DVDsYes
My Hero Academia$39.99Around 10Anime/Manga/OtakuYes
Anime Box Club45 and 60Around 10Anime/Manga/Otaku3 optionsYes

Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes

Japanese snack boxes are probably the most popular type of box that people are after. We’ve done a post just about Japanese subscription snack boxes here.

 Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat offers 6 different, uniquely branded and focused subscription boxes: Tokyotreat

Yume Twins





We’ve added each of these boxes under their own entry below, and have done a complete review of their more traditional/refined sweet box option Sakuraco.

The Tokyo treat box includes a range of popular snacks. They include snacks related to anime, drinks, party snacks, local snacks i.e Dagashi and “DIY snacks”. 

Tokyo Treat boxes include these regular items:

• Japan Exclusive Drink (180-500ml)

• Rare KitKat Party Pack (12 pcs.)

• 2.7 lbs+ (1.2kg+) of Japanese Snacks

• Full-Sized Japanese Crazy Candy, Crunchy Chips & More

• Snack Guide + Member Reward Program ‘Streaks’

Price:- Very reasonable. $35 per month. $31.5 per month
if you subscribe for 12 months.

  1. Sakuraco

    Sakuraco is a Japanese subscription box that focuses on the luxurious, traditional and more “refined” end of the Japanese snack market. Items range from Japanese cakes, sweets and savory items to the occasional home decor item. 

If you are after your mainstream Pocky, KitKat and Chocolate Kinoko type fair, this isn’t the box for you. This one caters very much to the “adult” taste. For more details please see our complete review of the Sakuraco box here.

Price: Starts from $37.50 per month

  1. Bokksu

Bokksu also includes local snacks which they purchase directly from manufacturers, which is a nice touch.

Like many boxes, bokksu has a monthly theme, often linking in with festivals and seasonal events in Japan. They do a particularly good job of making these themes fun and interesting.

What’s Included:

• 20–24 SNACKS & TEA



There is also an option of gifting bokksu to your family and loved ones. Bokksu offer “corporate boxes”. If you are running a business, you can gift your business partners, clients.

Price: $49.95 per month, or yearly $39.95 per month.

  1. Japan Crate

    Japan crate offer 3 different types of boxes: Mini, Original and Premium, with contents varying between boxes.
    Mini includes only 5 items (which is much less than most of the boxes on the list). The Original Box includes 10 items and a DIY Kit.

Premium includes 18-20 items, a drink, DIY kit and a limited edition bonus

Price: Price depends on the type of box and range from $22.95 to $49.95 per month and includes free shipping.

  1. Japan Candy Box

    Japan Candy Box includes snacks from most of the famous Japanese brands. They mostly include fairly mainstream, commonly available in Japan items. These items are often the very ones a lot of foreigners go for, so it is a good choice for many of us gaijin!

They also include local traditional Japanese treats like Japanese rice crackers (senbei) and konpeito star candy. The Japanese sweets include traditional flavors like matcha green tea, ichigo strawberries, and spicy wasabi. Each month you get around 10 Japanese snacks in your box. 

Price: $29.90 per month, Yearly $24.90 per month.

  1. Zenpop

    Zenpop offers 5 different subscription boxes: 

Japanese Sweets Box

Japanese Sweets + Ramen Box

Japanese Ramen Box

Japanese Stationery Box

Japanese limited edition boxes

We particularly like the ability to get a box that mixes up sweets & ramen – two of the items that a lot of people are looking for in a Japanese subscription crate.

The sweets box includes popular items like KitKat or Pocky Candy and favorite Japanese standards. They include easy-on-the-foreigner-palette chocolates, cookies, and the odd “wagashi” traditional sweat to mix things up. They also include some savory items. 

The Ramen box includes full-sized servings of the newest and most popular varieties of instant Japanese ramen noodles. Favorite ramen types include the standard tonkatsu, shoyu, and shio. These boxes go beyond just ramen noodles and also expand into udon, soba, yakisoba, and other types of noodles, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your noodle preferences! 

Zenpop also includes limited edition, regional, and/or seasonal products – which is something you are probably going to want if you are getting boxes regularly over time.
The Stationary box is pretty cool. It contains high quality pens, pencils, and/or highlighters. Cute stickers, beautiful washi tape, sticky notes, memo pads, and letter sets. The limited-edition includes surprises for your kitchen. They mix things up with varying products from month to month.

Price: Price range is between $27 to $31 per month depending on the box.

  1. Umai Box

    The Umai Box is another entrant in the somewhat crowded Japanese snack box market. It has the sort of fast-food snacks you would expect to find in convenience stores, 100 yen shops and bargain snack stores in Japan.
    Umai Box is quite eclectic and includes snacks, drinks, local products, anime manga snacks, DIY kits and noodle cups. The focus here is on “Fun” and discovery.

    Price: $32.49/month,  includes free shipping. 
  2. Snakku 

    Snakku is another “upper end”, adult-orientated box. It is similar to the Sakuraco box, but includes a few more mainstream pop-sweats such as Pocky and KitKats. They have a focus on highlighting particular localities and seasonal items. They include 20 – 25 “expertly curated” snacks.
    There is a focus on design, with the inclusion of a beautiful postcard and stylish box.
    Price: $49.85 per month with free shipping.

  3. Mascot Monthly Mix

    Mascot Monthly Mix finds an interesting take on the Japanese snack box genre by delivering you items from different regions, and their mascots. So this one is really a good way to get a bit of a sense of all the different local specialities, such as grapes from Yamanashi prefecture etc. They also include a guide book with information about the different regions, so you can learn about Japanese geography. So you can feed your thirst for knowledge as well as your thirst for culinary items.

    Price: 2 types of boxes, Mega Mix and Mini Mix.
    Mega Mix $45.50 per month and Mini Mix $32.00 per month.

  4. Kokoro Care Packages

    Kokoro pitch themselves not as “snack boxes” but as “Nourishing essential care packages”. So they are squarely in the high end of the market. And they are amongst the most expensive boxes on the list.

Their boxes include: “5+ premium-quality, artisanal Japanese foods made locally in Japan. Easy to enjoy noodles/rice, snacks, seasonings, sauces, soups, teas and more. A new unique theme every month. Colorful, in-depth English brochure of the products, ingredients, suggested uses and recipes. Stories that connect you to the local farmers and producers, regions and traditions.”

The premium box is the same but includes two extra foods. Boxes explore a new theme every season.

Price: Monthly Nourishing Essentials Care Package $55.00 per month.
Seasonal Delights Care Package $95.00 per month.

  1. Sushi Candy

    The confusingly titled Sushi Candy focuses on the cheaper conbini-style sweet stuff. You’ll find Kit Kat assortments, and the occasional instant ramen noodles. You might get Konpeito,a traditional handmade candy. 

They also have “amezaiku”  , a “delicate art piece that you can eat and is crafted by a skillful artist.”

Price: From  $12.99 to $41.98 depending on box. Sushi Candy boxes contain 20 to 40 items, plus additional Kit Kats. Shipping is free and available internationally.

  1. Freedom Japanese Market

    Freedom Japanese Market is a family run business. Their packages contain 12-16 full-size snacks, including a variety of sweet and savory flavors, with each box personalized with a handmade origami piece that changes its designs according to the season and themes per month. They also include a fun addition of limited edition and exclusive snacks in their packs.

    Price: three different sized boxes Puchi Pack, Original Pack and Family Premium pack.
    Puchi Pack is priced at $14.99, the original pack at $24.99, and the family premium at $45.99. Each plan includes free shipping worldwide.

  2. Japan Center Pop Culture Snack Box Subscription

Everything about the name of this one is confusing. Surely it should be the Japan Pop Culture Centre Box?
It’s actually a box put together by the “Japan Centre”. But it’s actually really a snack box rather than a “pop culture box”.
They offer 2 types of subscription boxes. First one is the standard box which includes 7 to 10 snacks and the second subscription box is the premium box which includes 11 to 16 items, a drink and an instant noodle.

Price: Standard box $34
Premium box $55 per month extra for shipping charges, free shipping in England, Wales and parts of Scotland.

Japanese Objects Subscription Boxes

  1. Kizuna Box

    The word “Kizuna” means “connection” in Japanese, and the name gives you a sense of what they are trying to do with this box. This one is not just about snacks but aims to deliver a range of Japanese cultural items. 

They also offer the “Kizuna Lifestyle Box” from Japan. The lifestyle box consists of 6 to 8 high-quality Japanese bits and bobs including ceramics, clothes, stationery, snacks and other goodies. All items are curated based on a cultural and seasonal theme, which makes sense for a Japanese, or indeed any, subscription box.
For health-conscious people they also provide a Kizuna Healthy Box, which is a nice option. Focusing on more natural, or low calorie options, these boxes include 10 to 15 Japanese snacks and sweets.

Price: Between $29.99 to $34.99 depending on the box. Prepaid option for 3 to 6 months.

  1. Peko Peko Box

    Pekopeko breaks with the other boxes here by running a bi-monthly model. You receive 1 box every 2 months with “the best souvenirs from Japan”.
    Each box contains
    • 4 to 6 craft and collectible items.
    • 2 to 4 food or drink items.
    • A paper magazine describing the items.

    Price: $45.00 per 2 months, they don’t provide a per month subscription.

  2. Get Obachan

    Obachan can mean either “aunt” or “grandma” depending on how much you stretch out the “a”. Either way, you get the sense that this company wants you to feel like a close relative is sending a bunch of nice respectable Japanese objects in the mail each month.
    This is one of the boxes with the biggest focus on “Japan objects”.
    These include “a curated selection of beautiful ceramics, fabrics and accessories, crafted by artisans from all over Japan”

    Price: $39.99 per month includes free shipping!!

  3. My Japan Box

    My Japan Box offers 40+ different subscription boxes. You can get every type of subscription box here. It’s the supermarket of Japan subscription boxes! They have food, characters, anime/manga, video games, music and stationery.
    It’s a good place to mix it up if you don’t want the same type of box each month!

    Price: Various with free shipping. 

Kawaii Japanese Subscription Boxes

  1. Yume Twins

    Yume Twins subscription box focuses on cutesy kawaii Japanese items. Each box contains 5~7 plushies, homegoods, self-care items or general kawaii bits and bobs!
    They also offer collaborations with brands including Sanrio, Cardcaptor Sakura & other kawaii brands.
    Expect to find tie-ins with cutesy characters from the likes of Ghibli, Sailor Moon, Pokemon & more

    Price: Monthly price starts from $37.5
  1. Kawaii Box

    This Kawaii Box competes with other boxes like the “Yume Twins” boxes. The Kawaii box is cheaper, though, especially when you factor in free shipping.
    These boxes include all the Kawaii things you see wandering around budget shops in Tokyo and Osaka. Expect kawaii plushies and toys, stationery, keychains, bags and accessories. They also include the odd Japanese candy or sweet.

    Price: $29.90 USD – includes free shipping!

  2. Doki Doki

    A kawaii item-focused box that is on the more delux end of the market. 5-6 items from Japan ranging from household goods to plushies, apparel, travel accessories & more. It is one of the more costly boxes available.

    Price: $49.5/ Month,  includes free shipping.

Japanese Beauty Subscription Boxes

  1. Nomakenolife

This is a Japanese make up box that also incorporates Korean cosmetics + skincare. Items include makeup, skin care, bath & body, hair care, useful items, unique and cute tools & accessories.

They also have a good online presence and community, which means you can share ideas and learn from others, which is a bonus.

Price: $35/Month.

Japanese Tea Subscription Boxes

  1. Tomotcha

Tomtcha is a Japanese Tea Subscription Box. It is one of the most “simple” options on our list. All they do is send you one different type of tea each month. So this one seems more “functional” or “practical” than many of the more “fun” and “surprise” based products.

To be precise, each month they ship “between 40 and 60 grams of a distinctive Japanese tea, enough for about 35 tea cups of 60ml (2oz)”.
Tomotcha focuses on loose leaf green teas (sencha, gyokuro, tamaryokucha…), sometimes roasted (hōjicha, hōjibancha…).

At the very reasonable $15 per month price tag, this one seems pretty reasonable if you drink a lot of the green stuff. It works out to about 40 cents per cup of tea…

Price: $15 + Shipping per month.

  1. Kurusa Japanese Coffee Subscription

    Japan isn’t always associated with coffee, but they have a long tradition of brewing the brown stuff. Kurasa is based in Kyoto, home to the famous Kyoto style Japanese Coffee Makers, and is focused more on the domestic market. They do also cater to the international market.

Whether or not ordering roasted coffee from Japan is necessary or not is an open question, but if you’re brewing in a Kyoto Yama device, you might need the authentic beans…

Price: $31.00 includes free shipping.

Japanese Toy & Gachapon Boxes

  1. GachaGacha

    Gachapon includes 6 hand-selected gachapon capsules each month ranging from your favorite characters to funny figures, useful accessories and more. At 14 dollars more than the other gachapon delivery box option Capsule Box, you would want to hope that the gachapon selections in the Gatcha Gacha box…

    Price: $38.95/month with Free Shipping Worldwide.

  2. CapsuleBox 
    This one is a unique take on the Japan subscription box. If you’ve ever been to a Japanese shopping centre, you will have seen the little “Gachapon” machines where you can put in a coin and get a little capsule containing random, often somewhat hilarious items including keyrings, figurines, tiny electronic games or kawaii stuff. From the same company behind the Umai Box and the Nihon Box.
    Includes “at least 6” gachapon every month.

    Price: $24.49/Month, includes free shipping.

Japanese Ramen Boxes

There are only a couple of Japanese Ramen Subscription boxes available, and this is the most “deluxe” of them.

  1. Umai Crate

    Not to be confused with the Umai Box listed above (umai means “tasty”) Umai Crate includes 8-10 Japan-Exclusive Noodles per month. They also include “1 Culinary Bonus Item”, such as shichimi spice, dashi stock or Fu. 
    This box isn’t just instant noodles and ramen, they also include more serious noodle ingredients. So it’s nice that they include recipe cards, instructions and translations.
    Given how much you can pay for noodles and other ingredients outside of Japan, the relatively steep price tag could be worth it, depending on where you live.
    Price: $49.95/mo. + Free Shipping Worldwide

Japanese Pen & Stationery Subscription Boxes

  1. Inku Crate

    Inku crate includes “8-10 Japanese stationery items ranging from notebooks & planners to pens, markers, fun accessories”. 

The emphasis in this box is very much on the “fun” side of the stationary equation. Many of the items are aimed at children and are in the kawaii vein.

Price: From $35.95/month + Free Shipping Worldwide 

Anime/Manga/Otaku Japanese Subscription Boxes

  1. Fangirl Monthly

    Fangirl is an interesting twist on the Japanese subscription box theme offering an anime & manga inspired jewelry box. It’s perfect for the feminine otaku inside all of us.
    Each box contains 3-5 fandom-inspired designs and fan-made pieces based on a theme. This also includes items that are derived from a video game (such as Pokémon or Kingdom Hearts).
    All monthly packages also include a collectible postcard and a custom-designed pouch to store your jewelry.
    Examples of items you can expect to receive: necklaces, bracelets, earrings (pierced or clip-on), rings (mostly adjustable or size 6-7), key chains, and more.

    Price: $18.00/month with free shipping. Discounts for multi-month subscription.

  2. NihonBox

    The Nihonbox is one of the hardest to define on this list. Like the box’s name, it aims to deliver a generalised box for lovers of all-things-Japan.

That being said, the box definitely focuses more on the manga/anime/otaku side of Japanese culture (did someone say Weeaboo?). It’s also a lot more male-orientated than some of the other boxes.
Each box contains official anime/manga goodies, as well as traditional Japanese objects and food.

Price: $33.49 + Shipping charges per month.

  1. Manga Spice Cafe

    Do you like some munchies with your Manga? Well the Manga Spice Cafe box offers an unusual combination of manga, snacks and liquid sustenance.
    You don’t get to choose the titles that you receive, but the company focuses on introducing you to new comic titles. Each box includes three no.1s from different titles. They even include some information about each Manga title’s artist.
    This one is really for the hardcorde manga lover who is looking to expand their horizon, and fill their belly!
    Price: $38/Month+ $5.95 for shipping.

  2. The Otaku Box

    The Otaku Box focuses mostly on the ecchi-sexual side of all things Otaku. You get posters, stickers, art books, Mini Figurine, cloth wall art etc. There is a focus on the highly sexualised female figurines. 

Another unique feature about the Otaku box is that it allows people to vote for what they would like to have in the following box.

Price: $29.95 per month.

  1. Loot Anime

    This box has pretty much all the swag an anime fan would want, like T-shirts, figurines, collectibles, key chains, and many other goodies. Each month has a different theme.

Anime featured include old classics like Cowboy Bebop and newer hits like Jujutsu Kaisen. You don’t get to choose what title merch is coming your way, so it may be best to just buy box-by-box depending on what has been lined up.

Price:  $29.99 per month plus free shipping

  1. Loot Anime Fury

    This one is pretty much the same as the Loot Anime box, but the Fury focuses on “action anime”. It “delivers officially licensed items from the best action-packed anime series to your doorstep.” 

Price: $49.99 per month includes free shipping.

  1. Crunchyroll Crate

    Every anime fan knows the anime streaming giant CrunchyRoll. If you’re locked into the Crunchy Roll ecosystem, it makes sense to get your merch purchases in a package like this. Brought to you by the same crew for Loot Anime.

    Price: $29.99 per month includes free shipping.

  2. Hello Kitty Crate

    If you’re into the Kitty, this could be the one.
    Get a surprise mix of collectibles, apparel and accessories celebrating Hello Kitty and all the kawaii Sanrio characters you know and love.

    Price: $39.99 per month includes free shipping
  1. Bam Anime Box

    One of the Bam Anime Subscription’s unique features is that they include a celebrity autograph in their box every month. The Bam Box, therefore, among all the boxes in the list, has the highest collectible value. You can get anime props, comics, fan art, pins, Japanese snacks, and other anime goodies.

    Price: $34.99 per month plus extra shipping charges.

  2. Akibento

    This one isn’t so much a bento of the culinary kind, as of the artistic one.
    Akibento features some of the best Anime and Manga merchandise in their subscription boxes. All packages have one t-shirt, Figurines, pins, keychains, and toys.

    Price: $33.95 per month + &6 Shipping.

  3. Box of Manga

    This one is one of the few boxes that really focus on the Japanese language. Manga should be part of every Japanese learner’s Japanese language learning resources.
    They send you a box of manga every month tailored to your Japanese reading level. Making the effort to match the manga to reading level is a nice touch.
    It’s worth noting that the manga they send is used manga.

    Price: $34.90 a month with free shipping.

  4. Boxuchan

    Boxuchan is pretty old school, in that they send you DVDs. It’s like the early days of Netflix!
    Each box contains at least one whole anime series or a full season on DVD or Blu-ray. They even include bonus surprises, plus reviews for all the items and inclusions, so you are sure of what you’re getting and no need to ask yourself, “why?”. Boxuchan Lite also has an option which includes one volume, movie, or series based on your preferences, and one extra anime-related product.
    It’s one easy way to build your anime DVD collection (just make sure your DVD player doesn’t die because you might not be able to replace it).

    Price:  $44.99 per month.

  5. My Hero Academia

    Ok you My Hero Academia fans, you deserve a box. And here it is.

    In the box, you get a variety of official merchandise, and each box includes apparel, accessories, collectibles, stationery, homeware, and decor, so you get a pretty good variety.

    Price: $39.99 plus extra for shipping.
  6. Anime Box Club

    Anime Box Club allows you to choose three possible genres for your box. Then you receive unique items themed around anime within those genres. In every box, you get a volume of one manga, figurine, and other anime merchandise like plushies, jewelry, wall scrolls.

    Price: Between $45 and $60, depending on how many items you want to receive and for how long you want to subscribe. includes free shipping. 

Is it worth buying a Japanese subscription box?

In conclusion, Japanese subscription boxes are a great way to stay updated on the latest trends in anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

However, before you order your first box it is important to be aware of what you might be getting into.

It is important to purchase a Japanese subscription box from a website where the company has been in business for at least 2-3 years. The payment process should be secure and there should be no hidden fees.

Check customer reviews and the return policy before purchasing. Read the fine print on the company’s terms of service to make sure that you are not agreeing to something that you would not want to happen. -Check out all of the items in the box before purchasing it. -Watch out for shipping prices. -Be wary of any site that charges an additional fee for shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.