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DKT is an acronym made by Demon Slayer fans which stands for Demon King Tanjiro. The Demon King Tanjiro refers to Tanjiro’s transformation to a demon when Muzan possessed Tanjiro during the final battle in the Sunrise Countdown Arc.  

Why DKT Is Stronger Than Muzan

Demon King Tanjiro is the strongest demon that ever existed, much stronger than Muzan. There are several reasons why Demon King Tanjiro (DKT) is the strongest:

  1. Demon King Tanjiro Is Immune To The Sun. 

When Tanjiro turns into a demon, Muzan expects that Tanjiro will develop immunity to the sun since he is the older brother of Nezuko, the only demon who gained immunity from the sun on her own. Thus, before Tanjiro’s transformation, he told Tanjiro to “become the strongest king and fulfill his wishes.”

This is one characteristic that Muzan Kibutsuji could never achieve unless he finds the Blue Spider Lily to complete his transformation. 

It is still unknown why Tanjiro and Nezuko are able to develop immunity to the sun as a demon. Still, it might have something to do with being a Kamado, a blessed inheritor of the Sun Breathing technique. You can check out our other article about Kamado Meaning Demon Slayer and Inheritor of the Breath of Sun Meaning to learn more about the Kamados and the Sun breathing technique. 

  1. Nichirin Swords Don’t Work On Tanjiro

RealFireNSteel - Tanjiro Kamado's Black Nichirin Blade

Nichirin swords are catalysts to harness the power of the sun that it had accumulated, being soaked a perennial sunlight on the top of the highest mountain. What Nichirin swords do is use the power of the sun to effectively stop the regeneration ability of any demon, including Muzan, the progenitor of Demons that has the most powerful regeneration ability.

However, because Demon King Tanjiro is immune to the sun and its effects, the Nichirin swords have no impact on DKT besides their sharpness. All other properties of the Nichirin swords are ineffective against DKT.

  1. Tanjiro Is An Inheritor Of The Sun Breath Technique

While the breathing techniques were made primarily to kill demons, it is not its only function. The breath technique was actually made to enhance the fighting ability of the Demon Slayer corps. The breathing helps warriors control their strength and concentration, resulting in a sharper sword technique that is strong enough to affect demons during a fight. 

  1. Tanjiro Has The Demon Slayer Mark

The Demon Slayer mark is an important characteristic of a powerful Demon Slayer. What it does is enhances the physical ability of the Demon Slayer and helps them see the critical and weak points of their opponent. 

Having both the breathing technique and the Demon Slayer mark make them formidable warriors, which is why nobody could overthrow Kokushibo from his number one spot in the Upper Moon Ranking. 

How Muzan Turns Tanjiro Into A Demon

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In the last chapters of the Infinity Castle Arc, Muzan eventually showed himself after all the Upper Moon Demons were defeated. Because of this, Muzan, Tanjiro, and the Hashiras clashed their swords to death. 

Earlier in the fight with Muzan, Tanjiro’s right eye was cut by Muzan’s Blade. This causes Tanjiro to have an open wound vulnerable to Muzan. 

As the battle progresses, Yushiro tries to control Nakime’s perception so Yushino can control the infinity castle fortress, which is the Blood Art technique of Nakime located underground. However, when Muzan realizes that Yushiro corrupts Nakime, Muzan decides to kill Nakime instead to keep Muzan from being driven outside in the open, where Muzan could be exposed to the sun. 

However, when Nakime died, Yushino managed to quickly control Nakime’s body before it disintegrated and dragged Muzan out to the surface. Muzan got really mad for being forced outside and went on a rampage attacking everything in his path, including support Demon Slayers. 

Tanjiro quickly tried saving the Demon Slayer corps by pushing them out of the way and covering for them. As Tanjiro parries Mauzan’s attacks, the wound on his right eye gets soaked in Muzan’s blood, causing his body to be poisoned by Muzan’s demonic blood. 

When Muzan’s main body was disintegrated by the Sun, Muzan’s consciousness drifted and found its way to Muzan’s cells inside Tanjiro’s injury. Because Tanjiro was at death’s doors at this time, Muzan managed to overcome Tanjiro’s consciousness and took over Tanjiro’s body while transforming it into the Demon King.  

Two Reasons Why Tanjiro Reverts To Being Human

There were two main components why Tanjiro was able to revert to being a human after Muzan dominated his consciousness: Shinobu’s medicine made from the flower Wisteria to turn demons back to being human,  and Nezuko’s human blood, which is immune to Muzan’s cells after she reverted to being a human. 

The combination of the two has brought Tanjiro back to his humanity and reverted to human form. It also eliminated Muzan’s cells inside his body, severing his connection to Muzan. 

Without one of the two components, the Demon Slayer corps would have been annihilated by Demon King Tanjiro, and Muzan would have completed his transformation. 


Article by John Salinas.

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