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日本のSNSまとめ in 英語 and 日本語

There’s been trending hashtags on Japanese Twitter recently for the Olympics, changing the Japanese Constitution, Nakiri Ayame’s new clothes, and who’s the best Token Ranbu character to hook up with.

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Should Tokyo Olympics Go Ahead?


There are various views being expressed about whether the Olympics should go ahead in the midst of the Corona virus. This image got a lot of traction on Twitter. It shows a crudely erected sign in a hospital with a blunt message about the olympics. I also saw another tweet saying they believed this was a hospital connected to the Communist party, and that they may be using the hospitals for political purposes. Where this sits on the spectrum of false news is hard to say…

Quite a few people seemed to draw a parallel between language used by Japanese wartime administrations and the current government. Perhaps that’s not surprising, given sport’s analogue nature with war…

This tweet used more colorful language by calling Liberal Democratic members カス or scumbags and Prime Minister ガースー “Gasu”, presumably as an inversion of the Prime Minister’s name? Subversio, inversion, potato, potaato, it’s all the same.

Japanese Borders & India


There was plenty of fretting over the borders in Japan this week, as is happening around the world.

Which Character from Token Ranbu Do You Want To Marry?


One of the great trending hashtags in Japan this week was the intriguing-to-the-layman #付き合いたい刀剣男士結婚したい刀剣男士, translating as “Swordsmen that you would like to hook up with, Swordsmen you would like to marry”. These are the hashtags that make us love Japan. It is in reference to the online game franchise Touken Ranbu “Dancing Riot of Swords”. The tweets gave a strange little insight into what some Japanese women (or non-women lovers of men) want in a man, as people espoused there reasons for why that would love, or get turned on by, which character from the game, and for what reason…

New Music From Yumo's Koji Shibuya


I love the band Yumbo. I’ve had the pleasure of playing music with front man Koji Shibuya in the  city of Sendai in the past. He is the bomb. So it’s great to hear he has new music coming. In the mean time, you can hear their music, and a lot of other great Japanese independent music, on the Minna Kikeru site

Japanese Constitution


One of the days that makes up the curiously English-titled Golden Week, is the Constitutional Memorial Day. Which inevitably brings up discussion of the Japanese Constitution. Usually centered around the 9th Amendment, which limits Japan’s ability to maintain an active army. The hills were alive with a-twittering on the issue this week. Most of the Tweets here actually talk about different articles of the constitution. They’re just the ones that caught my eye….

Nakiri Ayame's New Clothes


Mid-week saw a big spike of the popularity of hastag #百鬼あやめ新衣装 or “Nakiri Ayame’s new clothes”. Nakiri Ayame is a vTuber. Which is an anime doing live streams on youtube with an actor providing a cute voice. The live stream this week went for four hours as the character’s new outfit was gradually revealed. That’s one big bucket of nori flavored popcorn.

The best part of it all was that I became familiar with かっこかわ for かっこういい and かわいい combined, and まじかわ for まじで and かわいい. 

Language lives.

That’s about the size of what caught my eye. Follow along here to see me Japanese social media translations in real time.

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