Japanese Storage

From my earliest years of going to Japan as a teenager, I was struck by the way that Japanese people used space. Showers & bath units squeezed efficiently into the space of a broom closet, Oshiere storage spaces that are deep yet unobtrusive, multi layered shoe racks. When you’ve got less space to work with it makes you get creative, and efficient. This page is my little homage to Japanese Storage Ideas.

Japanese Storage Ideas

Here’s a traditional thatched-roof house in Miyama. I liked the simple way that they had made a storage space in the roof.

Traditional Japanese Roof Storage

The house didn’t look too bad from the outside either:

Kayabuki House Miyama Kayabuki-no-sato
The House From Outside

So, I thought I’d have a bash at making my own storage space in my garage. The garage already had an iron frame holding up the metallic outsides. So I grabbed a bunch 

of long pieces of wood and metal that I had lying around and ran them between the garage frames. Then I got some plasterboard and put that on top of the rods to create a crude platform.

It’s not much to look at, but this near instant little hack doubled the amount of storage I have in my garage. I use the space gained to store camping gear, and things that I don’t use that often, such as the Christmas tree.

The brand Yamazaki has some great storage options:

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Who is behind this site?

I’m Peter Joseph Head. I lived in Japan for four years as a student at Kyoto City University of the Arts doing a Masters Degree, have toured the country six times playing music and speak Japanese (JLPT N1). I’ve written songs in Japanese and have released several albums through Tokyo label Majikick Records.