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Japanese Wall Art - The Ultimate Gallery

Japanese aesthetics have been popular for more than a century. So much so that we have the term “Japonisme” to describe the wave of interest in Japanese culture in the 19th century. We’ve written about the influence of Japan on western architecture here.

So why not get a little Japanese artwork on your wall? We’ve created this gallery of Japanese wall art and Japanese posters to give you an overview of what’s out there. We’ve trawled through the cheesy images and more appalling items that are flogged to the gaijin market. If you’re in the market for a poster of a samurai warrior matched with the Kanji for “sushi”, this isn’ the place for you.

We’ve divided the images into some of the more popular categories of Japanese posters including Japanese movie posters and vintage Japanese posters. Images are available to purchase on the Redbubble store.

Japanese Posters

Japanese Movie Posters

Japanese movie posters are an art form in itself, and the artists that create them are respected for their work.

These posters have come a long way since their inception in the late 1800s. As time passed they also became a form of art and started to be hung on walls in homes and galleries.

Japanese film posters are quite different than the ones we see in Western Countries. Instead of a celebrity or model on the poster, there’s a snapshot of what’s happening in the movie.

One interestinge example is the Godzilla poster in Japan (compared to other countries), which mostly emulates traditional Japanese paintings.It’s usually done in a monotone of black and red, with a vintage feel. The color scheme represents Godzilla: the red for fire, which ties into Godzilla’s origin as creature who is born from nuclear radiation.

Japanese poster for classic French film Amelie
Japanese 2001: A Space Odyssey poster
Frances Ha Japanese Poster
Japanese Blade Runner
Japanese Blues Brothers
Super Smash Brothers - The Movie Japanese

Japanese Star Wars Posters

We’ve got a whole page of Japanese Star Wars posters here.

Vintage Japanese Posters

Japan has some amazingly beautiful vintage images, many of them originally advertisments for products. Perhaps most iconicallly, Japanese beer companies have a long tradition of creating advertisments with beautiful women swooming at over a glass of the amber ale. Here’s a few to get you started.

Vintage Yebisu Beer Poster
Vintage sugar company advertisment

Japanese Propaganda Posters

For this history buffs, here are some Japanese wartime propaganda images. These images serve as a visual reminder of the horrors of wartimes that we never want to revisit.

Japanese wartime magazine cover commorating the 2nd anniversary of the "Greate East Asian War" (WWII & sino-Japanese war)
Japanese propaganda image urging to "Mobilise the Japanese Spirit"
WW2 Japanese Propaganda Poster urgin "residents to be vigilent"

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