Junya Watanabe Denim Skirts – a look at six styles

Junya Watanabe has had a bit of an obsession with denim skirts in recent years. Let’s take a look at some of the variations.

The Junya Watanabe Denim Skirt Phenomenon

Watanabe is one of the most famous contemporary fashion designers in Japan. He studied at Bunka Fashion College and started his career designing for Comme des Garçons Co., Ltd.

He creates pieces that are daring and experimental, he has racked up a considerable number of now iconic designs. His designs are always in the spotlight, attracting the attention of people around the world.

With reinterpretation of the classic, he cuts the material at unusual angles, adds elements from camouflage print to lace:

Junya Watanabe Denim Skirt Style 1 – Camo

This one features non-stretch denim with fading, whiskering, and distressing. With three-pocket styling, belt loops at tiered asymmetric waistband this one is classic Watanabe.

Junya Watanabe Denim Skirt Style 2 – Asymmetric

Other garments make a point of referencing the denim skirt’s relationship with jeans. In this number, we see something like a pair of everyone’s most loved trousers seen through the lense of some kind of cubist inspired kaleidoscope.

The result is garments that are at once feminine and suggestive of power and sophistication. 

Junya Watanabe Denim Skirt Style 3 – Rihanna

We’ve written about how celebrities including Kanye have taken an interest in Watanabe’s work. His denim skirts are no exception. Stars seen sporting his jean skirts included Rihanna in a sun-drenched shot from South Africa on her Instagram page.

Junya Watanabe Denim Skirt Style 4 – Patchwork

Junya has also brought his trademark patchwork style to his denim skirts in designs that combine something of the modern street with elements of the endlessly fixed up Noragi wear of traditional peasant Japan.

Junya Watanabe Denim Skirt Style 5 – Mini

Watanabe hasn’t been afraid to go short with his denim skirts either. In his usual way, has found ways to combine the mini skirt with a range of European fashion elements to create something entirely new.

Junya Watanabe Denim Skirt Style 6 – Ruffled

Junya has also entered into 80s ruffled territory to create denim skirts that look like they would have been worn by Madonna, circa “Like a Virgin” days.

Why Denim?

Denims are mostly made of cotton or linen with a small percentage of elastic applied to it. This is because the fabric has to have some stretch to it so that it can contour to the curves on the human body. The elasticity in the fabric also helps reduce wrinkles for people who prefer not ironing their denim clothes.

Denim comes from the French word for “serge” or “cotton twill”. The term is used generally to describe a twill woven fabric in indigo blue.

The style has changed over the years, but the clean cut denim skirt is still popular in fashion. Denim fabrics are worn because they can be inexpensive and easy to care for.

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