Top 10 Junya Watanabe Jeans 2024

Junya Watanabe is one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry. His collections are always top-notch and diverse, ranging from basics to avant-garde designs.

He is an iconic Japanese designer who focuses on clothes that are wearable, comfortable, and yet supremely creative. 

Born in 1961, Watanabe graduated from Bunka Fashion College with a degree in design and went on to apprentice to Rei Kawakubo at Comme Des Garcon, where he set up his own brand within the larger company’s umbrella.

Watanabe is known for his unconventional approach to designing clothes. With his signature Japanese-meets-every-other-culture-imaginable themes, the designer’s work is deeply rooted in the idea of “recontextualization” and “coexistence”.

The Junya Watanabe Jeans Story

Junya Watanabe is famous for reimagining classic clothing items, and his experiments with jeans and denim are no exception. 

Indeed, his “Poem jeans”, trousers introduced in 1991 that feature a little bit of verse printed on the fabric as an aesthetic motif, are among his most iconic fashion items. 

These, as with many of his jean creations, have been brought about through collaborations with other brands. In this case, it was a collaboration with probably the name most synonymous with jeans – Levi. 

The Levi – Watanabe collaboration has turned out to be one that has endured for many years. Starting from this radical-for-the-time text-on-fabric starting point, these collaborations have continued to explore innovative and altogether uncharted territory utilizing techniques including digital printing, flaring, flaying and recutting.

Men’s Junya Watanabe Jeans

Junya Watanabe’s men’s jeans are manufactured with quality materials that last longer.

Each product is made with precision and is carefully crafted to create the finest possible product.

1. JUNYA WATANABE Indigo Levi’s Edition Jeans

2. JUNYA WATANABE Navy Levi’s Edition Carpenter Jeans

3.JUNYA WATANABE Indigo Levi’s Edition Herringbone Trim Jeans

4. JUNYA WATANABE Blue Levi’s Edition Patchwork Jeans

5. JUNYA WATANABE Blue Carpenter Jeans

6. JUNYA WATANABE Navy Raw Denim Jeans

7. JUNYA WATANABE Indigo Straight-Leg Jeans

8. JUNYA WATANABE Indigo Wide-Leg Jeans

9. JUNYA WATANABE Indigo Selvedge Jeans

Women’s Junya Watanabe Jeans

Junya Watanabe Jeans for Women are known for their unusual fabrics and washes.

Junya Watanabe women’s jeans come in all shapes and different types – from skinny to loose fitting with a wide range of fits including high-waisted or low waist styles.

10. JUNYA WATANABE Levi’s Edition Denim & Canvas Pleated Jeans

Another option for women, or anyone really, is a Junya Watanabe denim skirt. If you’re looking at getting some sweet kicks to go with your jeans, you could try the Junya Watanabe collab with New Balance.

While there are a lot of great benefits to buying a pair of Junya Watanabe jeans, the steep price-tag might not be worth it for everyone. For some, it is worth it to invest in a designer item that will last them a lifetime and is very versatile. For others, putting some Junya Watanabe on your legs might, like putting some Junya Watanabe on your wrist, something best left to the Kanyes of the world.