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Japanese band Magic Party & Midnight Diner Ending Theme

If you didn’t skip the ending credits after watching “Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories” (深夜食堂 Shinya Shokudo in Japanese) season 1 you will remember the bold, female vocal that comes in over the closing titles with a jangly, indie-Jpop ね、みんな “neee minna”.

Since Japanoscope posted an English language cover version and translation of the Midnight Diner Opening Song, Omoide we’ve had quite a few requests for an English translation of the lyrics from Midnight Diner’s closing song Believe In Paradise by Magic Party. So, here it is.

If you want to see a full list of songs used in the Midnight Diner soundtrack, look here.

We’ve also given a background on the Magic Party, the songwriters, and given a commentary on the translation.

But first thing’s first…

Who sings the ending song on Netflix Midnight?

The ending song for Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories (深夜食堂 Shinya Shokudo) is the song Believe in paradise  by Magic Party.

Believe in paradise Lyrics and Translation


ねえ みんな 今 何を見て
nee minna ima nani wo mite
shourai ha doushitai
risou to hodotooi basho

mainichi ha yousha nai toreeningu
are mo kore mo yaranakuccha
sukina koto mo kiraina koto mo
mamoritai jiyu no tame ni ruuteinna days
I do my best!なんて張りきって
I do my best! nante ganbarikitte
kanpeki janakya jikokeno
akiramezuni koudoushiterukoto 
kimi niha todokukana 
namida no umi no dokokani
kibou to iu paradaisu ga arunda
zuttozutto shinjitsudukeruyo
kimi ga sou oshietekuretakara 
ねえ みんな 今どこにいる?
nee minna ima dokoniiru?
unmei ha doushitai? 
taiyou ga mouetsukishizumu
もう一度 昇れるように
mou ichido noboreruyouni 
agattari sagattarishitatte
chikyuu ha seikaku ni shuuru
baiorizumu rankiryuu
iregyuraana days 
koko made ha shoujiki dakedo 
koko kara ha wagamama dayone
mata hitotsu keiken shiteru koto
kimi ha douomoukana?
ashita ga mienaitokimo
yume to iu paradaisu ga arunda
kitto kitto kanau hi ga kuru
watashi ga shinjiteiru kagiri 

are mo kore mo yaranakuccha
suki na koto mo kirai na koto mo
arienai hodo suimin fusoku na days 

shippai wo ikutsu atusmetara
seikou no moto ni narundeshou
isshou ni doryoku mo kasanetara kimi niha todokukana? 

namida no umi no dokokani
kibou to iu paradaisu ga arunda
zutto zutto shinjitsudukeruyo
kimi ga sou oshietekuretakara 

ashita ga mienai tokimo
yume to iu paradaisu ga arunda
kitto kitto kanau hi ga kuru
watashi ga shinjiteiru kagiri


Hey everyone, what are you looking at now?

What do you want to do in the future? 

In a far from ideal place

Training relentlessly every day 

Feeling like I have to do it all

the things I like and those I don’t

these are the routine days I spend for
the freedom I want to protect
Being brave and telling myself to “”do my best””

Hating myself when I’m not perfect

Making sure to keep on moving, not give up

Does all of this reach you? 

Somewhere in the sea of tears

Is a paradise called hope

I’ll keep on believing for ever and ever

Because that’s what you taught me 

Hey everyone, where are you now?

What do you want to do with your destiny?  

The sun burns out and sinks down

so that it may rise again 

Rising and falling

The earth spins meticulously

in turbulent biorhythm

through irregular days

till now, I’ve been honest

but from here on, it’s all about me

I’ve had one more experience

I wonder what would you think?  

Even when you can’t see tomorrow

There is a paradise we call dreams

Truly, truly the day will come when our dreams will come true

as long as I believe  

Feeling like I have to do it all

the things I like, and those I don’t,

in these unbelievably sleep deprived days

How many failures must be collected

to become the origin of success?

Laying effort on effort, together
Does it reach you? 



Somewhere in the sea of tears

Is a paradise called hope

I’ll keep on believing for ever and ever

Because that’s what you taught me

Even when you can’t see tomorrow

There is a paradise we call dreams

Truly, truly the day will come when our dreams will come true

as long as I believe 

Who Are Magic Party?

Magic Party was formed by AIRI アイリ (pronounced “eye-lee”) on vocals and Koshiro Honda on bass in the spring of 2008.

Koshiro Honda

Koshiro was already active as a producer and composer and was on the lookout for a singer to work with. In 1999 he had formed the band “Milkrun” in Kyoto. The band made their major label debut in 2002 with 夜空へと “Towards the night sky”. In 2004 they changed their name to “AUDIORULEZ” and the band was active till April 2005.

He is also well known for his music for the anime film “Doraemon animal planet”.


AIRI was a young singer with ambitions of carving out a career in the music industry.

She started singing in 2005, aged 17, as part of a band club at her high school. Her first big break came when she passed an audition for a TV program in her home area of Shiga Prefecture and started her music career in earnest.

In 2008, AIRI was scouted by the entertainment agency “Amuse” while working her part-time job at a video rental store. It was through this connexion that she met Koshiro Honda, who was looking for a female vocalist to work with. Magic Party was born! They started playing gigs around town.

They recorded and released a series of indie-pop singles over the next few years.

Magic Party’s Place in Pop

Compared to other bands formed around 2008, such as “Nocturnal Bloodlust”, “Oldcodex”,”Wacci” etc. “Magic party” offered a different type of J-POP.

Many of their songs included “psychedelic pop” tones that blended elements of the psychedelic rock of the 1960s and 70s with a distinctly modern sensibility.

Magic Party Releases

All of the singles by Magic Party are listed in the table below:


Song name 

Release date



Believe in Paradise


Night of Miracles


Magic box tonight


The magic of smile


CHEEK & WINK with Hideki Kaji / DIG ME! With Toru Hidaka



First single Elina

Elina was released as a limited single and was featured by the famous Japanese music TV show “Music Fighter”, being played many times in that show’s “Powerplay” Section.

My favourite line from that song is “叶わない恋に 泣かないでピュアなハート”

Don’t cry for a love that won’t come true, Pure Heart.

叶う恋だって どうなるか分からない もう笑って

今夜はおやすみ 目を覚ましたら僕を 見つけて”

“Don’t cry for love that won’t come true,

Pure heart.

You don’t know what will happen to the love that comes true.


Good night, find me when you open your eyes tonight”


The intro of the music video, directed by Atsuhisa Nakano, shows the band’s energy and AIRI’s enthusiasm for what she is doing.


Second single Believe in Paradise

This song is the reason why I am writing this article! I was (probably overly) emotionally attached to the show “Midnight Diner”. I also got hooked on the song’s which were played during the show. All of the show’s fans would agree that this show had some great music, perfectly in sync with the show’s overall feel.

The music video of Believe In Paradise was directed by Takeshi Kinohara:


One of my favourite sections from the song is





Even when you can’t see tomorrow

There is a paradise we call dreams

Truly, truly the day will come when our dreams will come true

as long as I believe


Third single Night of Miracles

It was a collaboration between Kazuhisa Watari of Fumidou, a well known group on Japanese music label Speedstar records.

I love the lyrics to this one:





Searching for the words

The winter constellations

You and I together

Gazed Up

“Night of Miracles” indeed.

Kensuke Kawamura directed the clip:  


Fourth single Tonight is Magic Box

This song was their major debut single. It became very popular after it was played in the Japanese movie Neck.

The music video of “今夜はMAGIC BOX” was directed by Takashi Tsuchiya

Though not a single, their song “わがままJOYガール” was the main theme song of the TV Series “Tofu Sisters”, a night time drama from Wowow Broadcasting.

Unfortunately there is no music video for “”わがままJOYガール”.

My favourite lines of the song are:




リミットのないMAGIC BOX


Let’s turn the wonderful world which you imagined

Into reality

A place where common sense has no currency

This limitless magic box

For us, turns everything pop.

5th Single Magic of Smile

Their 5th single was released on the 17th of November 2010. It was their second single on a major label, after “Tonight is magic box”. It was used as the opening theme song of the anime Fairy Tale.

Favorite Lines:

笑おう 泣こう 素直でいい





さぁ 笑顔の魔法をかけるよ

“Laugh! Cry! Just like that.
Simple feelings

are most important
The tears that are shed on melancholy nights
Change to strength
Cast the magic of a smile!”

The music Video was directed by Mr. Takashi Tsuchiya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCK8I1t7H_s

6th, and last, single Cheek & Wink with カジヒデキ / DIG ME ! with ヒダカトオル

This release is a combination of 2 songs from 2011
It was produced in collaboration with Tower Records and was included in their album “2対5”

Mini Album 2対5

Like Magic Party’s singles, their 2011 mini album was also well received.

The mini album had 5 songs:

  • Black out
  • Cheek & Wink
  • Dig me!
  • First up
  • Lesson5

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Where can you buy shinya Shokudo Comics?

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Where Can You Watch Midnight Diner Shinya Shokudo?

You can watch Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories on Netflix, or you can buy it out right on Bluray here:

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There’s not an official Midnight Diner Cook Book available at the moment, but there are several books that feature similar recipes:

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