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Today I’m going to read through and translate some of the Japanese Twitter commentary about Naomi Osaka pulling out of the French Open.

This caused a stir when it was reported that Osaka faced fines and disqualification from the tournament for refusing to do press conferences. This ultimately led to her saying that she was pulling out of the Open due to mental health issues.

As always on the internet, people voiced every opinion under the sun about this. Generally, the ark of commentary went from being quite anti Osaka when she first refused the press conference to being more sympathetic once she announced she was struggling with depression.

Personally I think that they could pay the players that want to do the press conferences extra for their troubles, but not make it a requirement of playing. Because, at the end of the day playing tennis and speaking to media are two very separate things.

Anyway, let’s look at what Japanese people were saying online.

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An example of some of the colorful language people use on social media. I translated こいつ as “this character”, but could have gone with “joker” or, if I wanted to be crass about it, “asshole”.

Don’t you love it when there are parallels in language? In English, we have the quasi-religous phrase “all that’s fair must fade”, meaning bad things can happen to anyone, even you. In Japanese they have the phrase 盛者必衰 (じょうしゃひっすい)

Lots of references to Nettouyo. “Right wing netizen”. One of the many wonderful Japanese portmanteau. A combo of “Net” and “Uyoku”, meaning right wing. Language wins again.

「日本人らしくない」is un interesting phrase. In Australia, people sometimes refer to people they don’t agree with as “Unaustralian”. Strikes me as similar.

I found it interesting that a Japanese person was using this phrase:


“This is a prime example of how Japanese people live with a sense of being separate from the world.”

As non-Japanese people we often feel this sense of Japanese people seeing us as somehow fundamentally seperate to them. Here’s a Japanese person voicing the same idea.


And one tweet to finish off with a positive message!

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