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Set of 10pcs Anime OVERLORD Poster Alternative Wall Art Home Decal Unframed 11.6x16.5inch(30x42cm)X10pcs

We anime fans tend to go crazy about the merch that comes with our favorite anime. It just makes sense for us to buy products with our favorite characters’ faces. It does to me, anyway. It’s a way to show appreciation for the artwork and artistry.

Overlord is no different!

Types of Overlord anime merch

Overlord merch comes in several different forms: some are wearable, some are for display only, and others have practical uses. 

They also come in wildly different price points. Wearable and display merch, for example, tend to be in the most expensive item bracket. 

By contrast, practical items such as key chains, watch straps, hair clips, phone casing, etc., can often be snapped up for a bargain. But they become worn out and become less special in a shorter time. 

Display items such as figurines, paintings, and original drawings or drafts can fall under the banner of overtly “collectible” items. As such, they tend to attract a higher price tag. 

The more detailed and meticulous a merch is, the more expensive they get. And the more expensive the merch gets, often the more the hardcore otakus want them! 

Having nice swag is a huge deal for a dedicated anime fan. If you’re here, you most likely get what I’m talking about. 

To help you pick good merch, I’ve made a list of my favorite Overlord anime merch available online to satisfy your cravings. 

Affordable Overlord Merch

Before we jump into the over-the-top priced high end stuff, let’s start with the easy ones for those who prefer the more affordable type of merch you can use daily.

You can choose from a few varieties of merchandise at reasonable prices. These items are copyrighted, so some of the money you pay will go to the creator of Overlord. It’s nice to feel like you are contributing to your hero’s careers.

Overlord Sticker

One of the cheapest products you can buy that has your favorite Overlord anime in it is a sticker. The biggest problem with stickers is not all of them last. Many of them fade very easily when directly hit by the sun for a long period of time.

Don’t worry! This cute Albedo sticker will not fade even if you put it on the window of your car. It will withstand long exposure to sunlight and is also waterproof, so it doesn’t get ruined when it gets wet from the rain.

It’s a perfect merch to stick on spots where Albedo would look like she is peeking out to see you. 

Overlord Poster

Fbroceh Overlord Vintage Anime Poster Albedo Canvas Art Poster and Wall Art Picture Print Modern Family Bedroom Decor Posters 12x18inch(30x45cm)

As an Overlord fan, you can’t deny that Albedo is the main face of the Overlord franchise even though Ains is the main Protagonist. Most Otakus are crazy for Albedo because of her seductive look and Overpowered abilities. 

This vintage-style Albedo poster is perfect on your house’s wall so you can see the strongest defensive guardian of Nazarick every day. Not only is it undeniably artistic and aesthetic, but having this poster will make you feel like you have your own floor guardian watching over your house. 

Not to mention, you don’t need to pay a hefty amount of money just to get a nice poster of your favorite anime character.

Overlord Mouse Pad

BOO ACE Overlord Albedo 3D Anime Mouse Pads with Wrist Rest Gaming Mousepads 2Way Skin (Overlord)

One way to enjoy your favorite anime character is to rest your hand on them while using the computer! This Albedo mouse pad really, well, takes the concept and runs with it. Some would say a little too far… It is certainly realistic and makes for a comfortable wrist rest. 

Could there be a more comforting way to use a computer mouse for an Overlord fan?

Since the price is a little steeper than your ordinary mouse pad, some anime fans only use these for display purposes. If you can afford two of these, you can save one for your collection and use the other for your everyday needs… 

Overlord Waifu Pillow

Some Otakus are crazy about their life-size pillows, with their favorite characters printed (often making seductive poses). What these pillows are used for we will leave up to the individual’s imagination. Influencing your dreams? General comfort? Drooling on? Japanoscope is a no-judgement zone.

This waifu pillow has a variety of characters to choose from. You can choose between the female characters of Overlord, such as Albedo, Shalltear, Narberal Gamma (Nabe), and Lupusregina Beta. There are more innocent or more overtly erotic types of poses available. Once again, your choice!

Overlord T-Shirts

One way to show your admiration for Overlord and its characters is through a printed shirt. Its cool design will surely get the attention of other anime fans. 

While its premium version is a little pricier, it can last longer, and you can make sure that they are good quality. 

But if you want to save a little, you can go for their ordinary shirt with the same print as the premium one. It will save you a few bucks, and you don’t need to wear the same T-shirt every day anyway, so that it won’t go bad easily. 

Teepublic has various Overlord designs you can choose from, but here are some of the coolest we have found for you. If you get lucky, you might just be able to avail of their promo, which lowers the T-shirt price significantly. 

Mid-Range Priced Overlord Merch

Many anime fans spend a significant amount of money on their favorite characters. While those who are passionate enough are willing to pay a considerable amount, you still want to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. 

Overlord Figurines

One of the things anime fans often go for is anime figurines. And let me tell you, Japanese anime figurines are usually top-notch, especially legitimate ones. They are an exact replica of the anime characters you admire. 

Here’s one that is spot-on with the details. This Albedo figurine is a good choice for those still starting out with their anime figurine collection or those who simply want an anime figurine. Not only that it’s on the cheaper side, but it’s also good quality merchandise that will surely make you proud.

Overlord Wall Art Poster

Overlord of The Undead AnimeCHENZZ Hanging Pictures Hand Painted Living Room Bedroom Painting Art Canvas Wall Hanging Painting Art Picture Printing Modern Home Bedroom Decoration16×24inch(40×60cm)

If you like a cool type of art of Overlord that you can hang on your wall, here is a painting of the seven floor-guardians of Nazarick along with their leader Ains Ooal Gown. 

It’s painted on a canvas and comes with a frame, so you can immediately hang it as you receive the item. It is said to be hand-painted and has several size options depending on your preference. 

You can use this cool display in your house to impress your Otaku friends. 

Pricey Overlord Items

Being a hardcore fanatic can be a little costly, especially if you want to collect items from your favorite anime actively. You must prepare a significant amount to get good quality merch or a collectible anime item.

Here are some recommendations for those willing to spend a little extra. 

Overlord Figurines

An anime figure is one of the most expensive collectible items that anime producers often sell. It’s a huge industry in Japan, and everybody wants one –including me! 

The more complicated the design is, the pricier it gets. The amount of detail they pour into designing each figure makes these anime figurines expensive. The size and material are also factors that make them expensive. Bigger figurines have steep price tags, and anime fans are willing to pay for them for the sake of fandom and art.

Here are two of the priciest high-end items available on Amazon.

Overlord Cosplay Accessories

The best thing you could ever do as an anime fan is to become your favorite character themselves. While we can only wish to achieve the beauty and elegance of these anime characters, we can still try by cosplaying them. 

However, cosplaying is not an easy feat. Not only are cosplay costumes hard to make, but many of them are hand-made. While many cosplayers make their own costumes, not everyone has the talent or time to make them. Thus, some resort to ordering parts of the costumes.

Because many of these characters have special equipment and accessories, cosplayers are forced to have these accessories custom-made, and they can get really expensive very quickly. 

Nonetheless, everyone is willing to pay the price of becoming the very character they admire. 

Here are some Overlord cosplay accessories that might just break one’s bank.


Anime merch is everywhere. Sometimes, it gets a little confusing which ones are legitimate and which are not. Personally, Amazon.JP is the first place I go if I want affordable but legitimate gear. Japan is very strict regarding product authenticity, and Amazon.jp does its best to ensure that sellers follow its guidelines regarding copyright law.  

Among the items on the list, my top three favorites are the Black Albedo Cosplay Wings – if only I could afford them—the also-pricey Albedo anime figure, and most importantly for a good night’s sleep, the waifu pillows. What’s not to love about those life-size pillows of your favorite Overlord characters. I can’t think of a better way to drift off to sleep! 

While the realistic Albedo mouse pad is very tempting, I would think twice about buying it. Mainly because mouse pads easily become dirty. They eventually fade with having your hands on them all the time. And it’s not a cheap item. I would probably only buy it as a display next to my (dream) gaming rig. 

While some of these merch items are affordable, you will want to carefully choose which ones are most significant to you and your Otaku needs. 


Article by John Salinas.

Japanoscope uses affiliate links, which means that commissions may be received when you click on links to products from partner retailers.

Japanoscope uses affiliate links, which means that commissions may be received when you click on links to products from partner retailers.