BJ Design Chabudai-Style Round Kotatsu

This classic chabudai-style Kotatsu Japanese floor table is made of high-quality luxury wood and is stylish enough that you can use it the whole year. It’s a great option if you are after a round table for one to two people. It a pinch, you could squeeze up to four people around up, but not particularly comfortably.


  • Stylish year round use
  • Circular design comfortably accommodates one to two people, can take up to four less comfortably
  • Includes a screw to keep table top in place
  • Easy to assemble.The table is easy to set up and can easily be assembled by anyone with no technical skills or tools. It features a temperature adjustment knob for the heater.
  • Bring your own favourite futon or kotatsu appropriate blanket
  • Power-efficient quartz tube heater.


  • Not a complete set, need to find own blanket/mat
  • On the small side if needed for family use
  • Need power converter