Brightech Maxwell – Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp

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This lamp stands at 63-inches tall, and it takes a space of about 10¼ square inches, and is perfect for spaces requiring something slender. In a quintessentially traditional Japanese style, this lamp offers you space for your books and other materials, combining lighting and storage.

The Brightech Maxwell – Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp is easy to assemble and sturdy.


  • Slender size and delicate look
  • Easy to assemble
  • sturdy
  • Compatible with traditional and modern interior
  • Has a thick upper light shade that offers a soothing light
  • Acts as a shelf


  • Although steady, it’s height makes it relatively easy to destabilize. Possibly not the best option for kids.
  • The light’s sheer height makes it “tower” too much in some spaces.