Hand spun yarn 100% cotton Happi Style Japanese Jacket


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otton wear Summer Jacket Japanese Coat AKA Happi.

Technique: Hand spun yarn 100% cotton, hand weaving. The special technique in spinning process makes the yarn to be uneven. This cloth has been done by Basket weaving technique however feel warmth and comfy. Hand dyed.

Style: Minimalist, Street wear. Bottomless Top. Look primitively simple, unsophisticated and suitable for spring and summer with thin and light weight.

Size: No.42” and No. 46”

Fabric care: Hand wash only, Normal temperature (not over 35 °C / 95 °F) Separated color Hand washed only at not over. Color may fade out. Suggest to wash in lightly liquid detergent, flip inside out and dry under shade. Softer after wash and used.