Japanese Language Learning

Jun Togawa Suki Suki Daisuki

https://youtu.be/IPGNOKLMOIEVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Jun Togawa Suki Suki Daisuki English Version & Background 戸川純の好き好き大好きの英語版と解説 (https://youtu.be/IPGNOKLMOIE) 戸川純 好き好き大好きTogawa Jun Suki Suki Daisuki Who is Jun Togawa? Jun Togawa was once asked in an interview whether she was an “Idol” or an “artist”. She replied, “would it be bad if I said I …

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Moshi Moshi Yusuke – 30 Top Japanese New Japanese Words In Japanese in 2020 P.II

Do you know these Japanese words? AI超え おうち時間 顔芸 These are some of the new Japanese vocabulary that entered the lexicon in 2020. Japanese language, like any tongue, is a living, breathing thing. It’s constantly changing. This means the process of learning Japanese is an ongoing one. But a fun one! Each year, the education company U-Can releases a list of the 30 new words, called 流行語 or 新語, that have entered the Japanese for that year. I chatted with Moshi Moshi Yusuke もしもしゆうすけ about the different words on the list. We talked about the different social movements in Japan that have occurred over the year that have lead to these new words coming into the Japanese language.

Transgender Women Accepted Into Japanese Women’s Universities

https://youtu.be/o4DjhKyx_6Y We’ve translated some Japanese media and social media about recent moves for the Women’s Universities in Japan to welcome transgender women as students. There are a group of Women’s Universities in Japan that have recently come out to say that they will soon start accepting transgender women. This is, of course, a major change …

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