Top 20 Demon Slayer Male Characters – Good and Bad!

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Demon Slayer has a lot of iconic characters. We’ve listed out some of the most interesting female Demon Slayer characters here, and now it’s time to take a deep dive into the males!

From the iconic symbol of ever-enduring hope that is Tanjiro, to the unbridled wildness of Inosuke, to the ambivalent, more complex, wimp-meets-hero of Zenitsu, there’s a lot of masculine imagery to pick apart!

In this article, we will discuss the top 20 demon slayer characters from both the anime and the manga. To avoid the dispute, we are going to rank them according to general popularity, and by the groups they belong to (demon slayers and demons). 

Kimetsu No Yaiba – Demon Slayer basics

Kimetsu no yaiba (鬼滅の刃) or Demon Slayer is the animated TV series from Japan that blew up across the world around the same time that the Corona virus was taking off also. 

We’ve done a complete exploration of the meaning of “Kimetsu No Yaiba” if you want to go deeper into that.

As most people know, the plot is about a corp of demon slayers that aims to end the terror brought by the demons that are killing, eating and quasi-zombifying (demonizing – literally!) humans across the land. 


The demon slayers’ arsenal are the different types of breathing (呼吸) fighting-techniques, while the demons have blood demon arts (血鬼術). 

Hashira (Pillars)

The Hashira(柱) or Pillars are the highest ranking amongst demon slayer, with each of the members widely considered to be the best breath-users. We’ve put together a list of Demon Slayer Pillars here.


By parallel, the demons have twelve Kizuki (十二鬼月). Kizuki translates literally as “12 Demons of the moons”.

These are the group of demons with the ability to use the blood demon arts most skillfully.

Demon Slayer Corp Male Characters

The Demon Slayer Corps is an organization that has been around since ancient times. It dedicates its existence to protecting humanity from demons. There are hundreds of demon slayers within the organization, none of which are recognized in any official capacity by the government.

1. Kamado Tanjiro (竈門炭治郎)

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Kamado Tanjiro is the main protagonist in the series . The story revolves around him and his sister, Kamado Nezuko (竈門禰豆子). 

Tanjiro background

His family is murdered by a demon named Kibutsuji Muzan (鬼舞辻無惨) and her sister is demonized while Tanjiro is away from home – stranded in a town because of a snowstorm. In search of a cure for his sister, Kamado Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corp.

Tanjiro abilities

Tanjiro uses Water Breathing (水の呼吸 mizu no kokyu), which is taught to him by a former Water Hashira, Urokodaki Sakonji (鱗滝左近次). As his powers increase, he later expands his repertoire to use the Hinokami Kagura (火の神神楽) which means Dance of the fire god, later revealed as the first form of breathing; the Sun Breathing (日の呼吸 hi no kokyu). 

Tanjiro’s special characteristics

Tanjiro also has a strong sense of smell, even for the most subtle scents around him. Later on, he uses it to find an “opening thread” or a weak point to strike at stronger demons. He can even find out things about the personality of a person through smell alone. 

Tanjiro also has the Demon Slayer Mark, which is a mysterious marking that appears on the body of a strong Demon Slayer that can be subsequently “unlocked”.

2. Agatsuma Zenitsu (我妻善逸)

Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma Anime Canvas Poster Bedroom Decor Sports Landscape Office Room Decor Gift Unframe:12×18inch(30×45cm)

Agatsuma Zenitsu is one of the main protagonists of the story that runs through Demon slayer. 

Zenitsu Background

Not being raised by his own parents, Zenitsu has found refuge in a former Thunder Hashira, Kuwajima Jigoro (桑島滋悟郎). 

Originally, Zenitsu had dark hair. That is, until he comes to be struck with lightning while climbing up a tree. His hair turns yellow!

Zenitsu Abilities

Zenitsu uses the Thunder Breathing technique. The technique has been taught to him by Kuwajima Jigoro. He has only mastered one technique; thunder breathing first form, thunder clap and flash

Even though he only has one technique mastered, he can strengthen it multiple times. Later on, he is able to create the seventh form of thunder breathing, Honoikazuchi no Kami or Flaming Thunder god. He uses it to defeat his former senior, Kaigaku who has turned into a demon. 

Zenitsu special characteristics

Zenitsu is a naturally talented and skilled demon slayer but keeps denying himself. His true potential awakens when he is asleep. At first, it is as if another personality of Zenitsu comes to life within him during his slumber. But this is not strictly the case. It is more that during the sleep state, his nerves become calmer and more precise. This makes him close to unstoppable. He comes close to killing, unassisted, even the prized Demon scalp of Upper moon Six, Daki.

3. Hashibira Inosuke (嘴平伊之助)

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Hashibira Inosuke is also a main protagonist of the story. 

Inosuke Background

Inosuke has been raised by boars for most of his life in the mountains, prior to his selection as one of the new demon slayers. It is revealed later that he has been born into a family with an abusive father, and has escaped from his father with his mother.

Inosuke’s First Meeting With Tanjiro

Inosuke first encountered Kamado Tanjiro and Agatsuma Zenitsu in season one episode eleven. He finds him in the house of Kyogai, a drum demon that can control the structure of the house by striking the various percussive instruments embedded in his body. 

Inosuke Abilities

Inosuke uses beast breathing. It isn’t stated who has taught him the technique. It is assumed that he has taught himself the breathing he uses. 

Inosuke has an incredibly flexible body. When he bends backwards his head can reach in between his feet! He can also easily relocate any dislocated parts of his body. He can even move the location of his heart to avoid fatal hits from his enemies.

4. Tsugikuni Yoriichi (継区縁壱)

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Tsugikuni Yoriichi is a major supporting male character of Demon Slayer TV series. 

Yoriichi Background

Yoriichi is a legendary Demon Slayer. He has lived for as much as 500 years. He has even lived through the Sengoku Era, considered to be the Golden Age of Demon Slayers and the time of the strongest Demon Slayer to have ever existed. 

As a kid, yoriichi wasn’t seen as samurai material. He was destined to be sent to a temple by the age of ten by his father. This was partly due to the mark on his forehead, the markings that were later known as those of the Demon Slayer. 

He was born completely dumb or mute, the family he was born into thought yoriichi deaf. Later he showed an immense talent in welding a katana. What’s more, he could see the transparent world. He had the power to see through anything or anyone’s body – every organ and muscles.

Yoriichi was the only Demon Slayer that struck fear in the heart of the Demon King, Kibutsuji Muzan. Muzan was almost killed by Yoriichi the time they met. The matter remained unresolved as their pathes didn’t cross again.

Yoriichi is the younger twin brother of Tsugikuni Michikatsu, who later becomes a demon and joins the Twelve Kizuki.

Unlike his brother, Yuriichi is slightly more slender, with shorter bangs and wavier hair. 

Yoriichi Abilities

Yoriichi is the inventor of Breathing Styles. He is credited with creating the first ever Breathing Style, the same one that would eventually become the Hinokami Kagura used by Kamado Tanjiro and members of the Kamado Family. 

Yoriichi Abilities Special Characteristics

He is the first person to have had the Demon Slayer Mark placed at the top of his forehead, the same as Tanjiro’s. His markings are lighter in color than Tanjiro. 

Yuriichi is always seen with a solemn and calm look on his face, rarely showing emotions.

5. Ubuyashiki Kagaya (産屋敷耀哉)

Kloudave Kagaya Ubuyashiki Poster Manga Anime Oyakata-sama Merch for Art Wall Decoration - 004

Kagaya Background

At the age of 4 years old, Ubuyashiki Kagaya became the 97th leader of the Demon Slayer Corps. He is known mainly as “Oyakata-sama”, meaning something like “Clan-head” by his subordinates and peers. 

Kagaya is head of the Ubuyashiki family. 

Kagaya Abilities

Kagaya and the Ubuyashiki Family possess a heightened level of foresight that helps them avoid dangerous situations. This ability has also amassed them a great amount of wealth and fortune. 

This ability helps maintain the life of demon slayers. They can predict what will happen in the near future and send missions out accordingly.

Kagaya Special Characteristics

Kagaya has a curse mark that is slowly killing him. The mark makes his skin look as if it was rotting. It spreads down his face and covers his eyes, making him unable to see. By the time of his death this curse has spread all over his body making movement all but impossible. 

6. Rengoku kyojuro(煉獄杏寿郎)

WANGMING Kyojuro Rengoku Poster Demon Slayer Wall Art Poster Gifts Bedroom Prints Home Decor Hanging Picture Canvas Painting Posters 20x30inch(50x75cm)

One of the major supporting male characters of kimetsu no yaiba TV series and a major character in Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train. He is the late Flame Hashira (炎柱) or En Bashira. 

Kyojuro background

Kyojuro loves his family immensely. He displays great respect and frets about his father, Rengoku Shinjuro, himself a former Flame hashira. Kyojuro’s filial piety is unperturbed by his father growing slowly more aggressive and apathetic towards Kyojuro. 

Kyojuro Abilities and Characteristics

Kyojuro is greatly enthusiastic in his duties as a Hashira. He often comes across as cheerfully eccentric. He is amiable, pure of heart, and boasts extraordinary swordsmanship technique. This stems from strict practice and discipline. 

He is also logical and tactically intelligent, acting quickly and precisely in battle. This is never more so than when the lives of others are on the line.

7. Tomioka Giyu (冨岡義勇)

Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioka Anime Canvas Poster Bedroom Decor Sports Landscape Office Room Decor Gift Unframe:12×18inch(30×45cm)

Tomioka Giyu is a Demon Slayer Corp member, and the current Water Hashira (水柱)or Mizu Bashira. See our full exploration of Demon Slayer Giyu here.

Giyu Background

It was Giyu who helped Kamado Tanjiro join the Demon Slayer Corp after, recommending him to his former teacher Urokodaki Sakonji (鱗滝左近次). It is through this connection that Tanjiro learns the water breathing. 

Giyu Abilities

Giyu was able to unlock his Demon Slayer Mark during his battle against Akaza. The mark revealed itself as a fluid-water like design on his left cheek, complementing his water breathing style. When the mark is activated, he gains increased speed, precision and endurance. This is shown in full force when engages in a long battle against the Upper Moon Rank demon.

Giyu Special Characteristics

He wears a stoic and unbothered expression on his face. He has a reserved personality and a very strong sense of justice. He has little tolerance for those who don’t know their own limitations and would throw away their own lives. 

Giyu also has a complex relationship with what others think of him. He is shocked when Kocho Shinobu claims he is hated by many. In stark contrast, he doesn’t seem to be hurt by Shinobu’s other pokes and jibes, generally feeling free to ignore her.

8. Uzui Tengen (宇髄天元)

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Uzui Tengen is an ex-member of the Demon Slayer Corp and is now retired from his role as Sound Hashira (音柱) or Oto bashira

Tengen Background

Tengen was born into a family of nine children within a shinobi clan. Three of the nine children died before they even reached 10 years of age. Incredibly the deaths are attributed to overzealous training. 

The six remaining siblings were subsequently forced to kill each other on their father’s order! Without knowing who they fought, with their heads and faces covered with masks, they ruthlessly made to fight to the death! 

Tengen was appalled and decided to leave the clan permanently. He left the village with his three wives without fighting his younger and last brother.

Tengen Abilities and Special Characteristics

As a former Sound hashira, Tengen is very sensitive to sounds around him. During the Entertainment District Arc, he was able to use his sound-skills to ascertain that the house of Daki had no more civilians inside. This allowed the full blown attack to commence. Later on in the battle with Daki’s brother Gyutaro, he is even able to listen to the sound of Gyutaro’s attack as a kind of “music”. From there he is able to hear the demon’s blows as notes in a song. He can then use the rhythm of the song to time his counterstrikes.

9. Tokito Muichiro (時透無一郎)

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Tokito Muichiro is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and is the current Mist Hashira (霞柱) or Kasumi Bashira. 

Muichiro background

Muichiro, along with his twin brother Tokito Yuichiro, are also the descendants of Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo. The twins are the children of a woodcutter and his wife. One day their mother catches a cold, and their father toes out to fetch medicinal herbs. He is caught in a storm, and ends up falling off a cliff to his death. Later on, their mother passes away after the cold develops into bronchitis. 

The two orphaned siblings survive together, with Muichiro taking after the emotional and kind nature of their father. In contrast, Yuichiro holds a cold and impassive outlook on life.  When the twins were eleven, a Demon arrived at their cabin during the night and attacked. Yuichiro loses his left arm while trying to protect Muichiro. The Demon chides them as being “worthless”, which sparks Muichiro to lose himself in a rage. He destroys the Demon with all the tools at his disposal, from common tools to wooden logs.

By sunrise, the Demon has withered to ash. Muichiro drags himself back to the house. There, he finds Yuichiro, near death and praying to the heavens that his brother might survive. He lays next to his brother and grasps his hand as he passes away. 

Amane and her daughters later arrive to heal a severely wounded Muichiro. Muichiro later loses his memories. He leaves his old life behind to serve the Demon Slayer Corp. 

Muichiro Abilities and Characteristics

In just two months of training, Muichiro rises up to the rank of a Hashira and becomes a master of the Mist Breathing.

Muichiro unlocks his Demon Slayer Mark when his memories of his past come back during a fight with Gyokko. Gyokko is a member of the Twelve Kizuki. He holds the position of Upper Moon Five (上弦の伍) or Jōgen no Go. Muichiro’s speed and abilities dramatically increase as he fights and he is able to win the day.

10. Himejima Gyomei (悲鳴嶼 行冥)

Demon Slayer Gyomei Himejima Anime Poster Room Aesthetic Poster Print Art Wall Painting Canvas Posters Gifts Modern Bedroom Decor 12x18inch(30x45cm)

Gyomei is a Demon Slayer ranked as a Pillar; the Stone pillar (岩柱) or Iwa Bashira

Gyomei serves as mentor to Shinazugawa Genya. 

Gyomei Background

Before Gyomei was a Demon Slayer and Hashira, he lived with nine orphan children who he raised in a temple. The area was well known for demon attacks. Gyomei would bring Wisteria incense to ward off any demons that would harm him and the children.

One night, one of the nine children disobeyed the temple rules and travelled beyond its borders. He was immediately accosted by a demon. In order to save his own life, the child tells the demon to eat the other children and Gyomei instead. That night, the child snuffed out the incense in the temple and invited the demon in. Four children were immediately killed by the demon. The remaining children fled, ignoring Gyomei’s orders to stay within the grounds. His frail stature and blindness also fueled the distrust the children had in Gyomei’s ability to protect them. This leads them to abandon him and ultimately get killed by the demon.

In the end, only one child—the youngest, Sayo— listened and stayed behind. Though the details are not made clear, Gyomei returns sporting a demonic cut across the forehead. After realizing he had a “frightening amount of power”, Gyomei had managed to reverse the situation and defeat the demon, beating on the creature until the sunrise.

Soon enough, the surrounding inhabitants came to the scene of the incident to help. Sayo was beside herself, saying  “That man is a monster! Everyone… he… killed everyone!” The villagers think she means Gyomei, rather than the demon. He is imprisoned and charged with the murder of the seven children. Luckily, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, a.k.a “Oyakata-sama”, intervenes and releases him before he would’ve been executed for his false crimes. Gyomei becomes a Demon Slayer. After only two months he takes on the mantle of Stone Hashira and comes to be known as the strongest Hashira.

In the process, Gyomei also unlocks his Demon Slayer Mark. This makes him the fourth Hashira to have the mark during his fight against the Upper Rank One Demon, Kokushibo. This gives Gyomei tremendous strength to go with his already strengthened body.  


1. Kibutsuji Muzan (鬼舞辻無惨)

Anime Demon Slayer Kibutsuji Muzan Poster Modern Office Family Bedroom Wall Art Decorative Picture Posters Room Aesthetic Decor Painting Canvas 12x18inch(30x45cm)

Muzan is the main antagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba

Muzan background

He is the Demon King, the first of his kind, the progenitor of all other demons in existence. He also is the leader of the twelve kizuki, an organization of the twelve strongest demons in existence. They serve directly under him. 

A millennium ago, during the Heian Era, Muzan was turned into a demon during an experimental treatment while trying to cure his terminal illness. His goal since then becomes to love without the fear of death, to become truly eternal. 

It is later revealed that Muza is of the same bloodline as the Ubuyashiki Family.

Muzan Abilities and Special Characteristics

Muzan’s “Blood Demon Art” grants him powerful biokinetic abilities, most prominently the ability to manipulate his body at will and shapeshift. Muzan displays the ability to alter and control his flesh, limbs, and even his organs. His biokinetic abilities are so advanced that he can create puppets of flesh and command them. 

He also has a very unique anatomy which he has achieved by manipulating and altering his own bodily properties. Possessing the grand total of seven hearts and five brains, these extra organs are responsible for the majority of his abnormally powerful constitution. That helped in his resistance to decapitation by Nichirin Swords. Muzan can transfer his own consciousness to another person through blood. He can contact people through memories. In this way, he can turn his new host into a demon and exert his influence.

Muzan did not fear any demon slayer until he met Tsugikuni Yoriichi. Yoriichi was the only Demon Slayer who came close to killing him.

2. Kokushibo (黒死牟)

Demon Slayer Kokushibo Poster Poster Decorative Painting Canvas Wall Art Living Room Posters Bedroom Painting 12x18inch(30x45cm)

Kokushibo holds the highest position within the twelve Kizuki, Upper Rank One (上弦の壱) or Jogen no ichi

Kokushibo Background

Nearly five centuries ago during the Sengoku Era, Kokushibo was once a human named Tsugikuni Michikatsu (継区巌勝). He was a former Demon Slayer, and the older twin brother of Tsugikuni Yoriichi. Yoriichi was the strongest Demon Slayer that has ever existed. 

Kokushibo is also the ancestor of Tokito Muichiro and Tokito Yuichiro and the one responsible for turning Agatsuma Zenitsu’s senior, Kaigaku into a demon and joining the twelve Kizuki.

As a child, Kokushibo, formerly known as Tsugikuni Michikatsu, was destined by selection to be the head of his family. His brother Yoriichi was to be sent to a temple as a priest because of the scar on his forehead. Kokushibo loved and worried for his younger twin brother. 

Yoriichi as a child didn’t talk much. People thought he was deaf, until one day he asked Michikatsu what he wanted to become. 

Everything really changed when Yoriichi started to show his great talent and potential as a strong samurai. Ultimately, he left their household and became a Demon Slayer.

In teenage years, Michikatsu became a great Demon Slayer. Yoriichi also became a Demon slayer. Yoriichi developed a technique that made killing demons easier, later known as the Breathing styles. Michikatsu’s jealousy towards his brother grew stronger. He became a demon under the influence of Kibutsuji Muzan , where he developed the Moon breathing and Blood Demon Art.

Kokushibo Abilities and Special Characteristics

As a former Demon Slayer, Kokushibo also practices a breathing called Moon breathing (月の呼吸) or tsuki no kokyuu. And as a demon, he also has a Blood Demon Art called Crescent Moon blades. This complements his Moon breathing and allows him to create and manipulate dozens of sharp blades. These blades are shaped like traditional crescent moons and come out from his flesh katana. His breathing style, in particular, is one of the most dangerous and powerful ones seen in the world of Demon Slayer. 

His flesh Katana is known to be indestructible.His katana is an extension to his body. He can manipulate the structure of it to make it extremely durable and sharp, complete with handguard and scabbard. His Katana can never be destroyed as he can regenerate it – as he would with normal wounds, as every demon can do.

3. Akaza (猗窩座)

Anime Upper Moon Akaza Demon Slayer Poster Canvas Art Poster and Wall Art Picture Print Modern Family Bedroom Decor Posters 08x12inch(20x30cm)

Akaza is a demon affiliated with the twelve kizuki, holding the third highest position, Upper Rank Three (上弦の参) or Jogen no san

Over a century ago, Akaza was a human by the name Hakuji (狛治), a prodigious martial artist who trained under Keizo(慶蔵). He also raised his daughter, Koyuki(変雪), who would later become Akaza’s fiance.

Akaza Abilities and Special Characteristics

Akaza’s “Blood Demon Art” is Hakai Satsu (破壊殺) or “Destructive Death”. It is based on martial arts, combining the manipulation of destructive shockwaves and the Soryū Shiki (素粒式) or the Soryu Style Martial Arts he had mastered as a human.

Akaza initiates his Blood Demon Art by deploying a special technique called Jutsushiki Tenkai (術式展開)or Technique development. Using the shockwaves of his Blood Demon Art and the Soryu Style, Akaza is able to attack his targets with both destructive long-ranged barrages and precise short-ranged strikes.

4. Gyutaro (妓夫太郎)

ZHUOYUAN Gyutaro Gyutaro Gyutaro Poster Demon Slayer Picture Print Wall Art Poster Painting Canvas Posters Artworks Gift Idea Room Aesthetic 24x36inch(60x90cm)

Gyutaro is one of the twelve Kizuki, holding the position of Upper Rank Six (上限鈍の陸) or Jogen no roku. He shares this position with his younger sister, Daki. 

Over a century ago, Gyutaro was a human child who worked as a debt collector in a Rashomon Riverbank of Yoshiwara, the lowest class in the Entertainment District. He and Daki were turned into a demon personally by Doma, who was Upper Rank Six at the time.

Abilities and Special Characteristics

Gyutaro’s Blood Demon Art is called Blood Manipulation. This allows him to manipulate his own body’s blood in various ways. He can generate from his flesh Kama, or from open wounds on his body. He can release blood from his veins at will. 

As a demon, he doesn’t run out of blood. Demons regenerate every part of their body, even their blood. This gives Gyutaro an infinite source to fuel his abilities and techniques.

As a human child, Gyutaro was born into poverty within the lowest class of the Entertainment District. His mother would often beat on her own body to try to kill her unborn child and bring on miscarriage.  She could not afford to feed a young infant. But her efforts went in vain. She would later go on to die of syphilis. 

Because of Gyutaro’s appearance, voice, and poor hygiene he was berated by other residents of the district. When his sister Ume was born, he gained a sense of pride in his beautiful sister. 

Gyutaro loves his sister. But he is cruelly forced to witness her being burnt to death. 

He sees his dying sister’s body and tenderly cradles her.

He tearfully remonstrates, in vain, that she be brought back to life. A samurai, who Ume (later known as Daki) has earlier blinded in one eye with a hairpin, passes by. Gyutaro spontaneously kills the man in a blind rage. He picks up and runs with his sister’s charred, dying body. He passes the Upper Rank Six demon Doma. Doma turns Gyutaro into a demon. Gyutaro eventually goes on to attain the rank of Upper Rank Six.

5. Doma (童磨)

Anime Demon Slayer Poster Doma Wall Art Poster Gifts Bedroom Prints Home Decor Hanging Picture Canvas Painting Posters 12x18inch(30x45cm)

Doma is one of the strongest demon within the twelve Kizuki, holding the second highest position of Upper Rank Two (上限の弐) or Jogen no ni

Over a century ago, Doma held the position of Upper Rank Six (上限の陸) or Jogen no roku. During that tenure, he turned Gyutaro and Daki into demons, and brought them into the Twelve Kizuki. 

Doma Background
He is also the leader of the Eternal Paradise Faith, a cult dedicated to worshipping Doma himself. He commands a space where he listens to all his followers’ troubles and gives them advice. It also acts as a space for Doma to capture and kill humans. The cult also took in Hashibira Inosuke’s mother, Hashibira Kotoha. Doma eventually killed her when she found out that he was eating his followers.

Doma Abilities and Special Characteristics

Doma’s Blood Demon Art is called Cryokinesis which allows him to generate ice and frost from his flesh and blood. He has the ability to conjure these anywhere in his vicinity. He is capable of manipulating ice at will, allowing him to unleash incredibly potent ice techniques. 

The ice created from his Blood Demon Art is also extremely lethal to those that inhale it. The ice causes the cells of the victim’s lungs to die, quickly rendering them unable to breathe. 

6. Yahaba(矢琶羽)

Demon Slayer Poster-Kimetsu no Yaiba-Yahaba-Anime Posters-Anime Room Decor-Demon Slayer Wall Scroll-HD Wall Art-No Frame-16×24IN (16in×24in, style-5)

Along with Susamaru, Yahaba is the main antagonist of the Asakusa Arc in the TV series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Yahaba Background

Yahaba was a demon who aspired to join Kibutsuji Muzan’s Twelve Kizuki. Yahaba’s origin doesn’t seem to be mentioned in anime and in manga but he was a loyal demon who served only to please his leader, Muzan. Like Susamaru, he desired Muzan’s approval and the chance to become one of the Twelve Kizuki. 

Yahaba and Susamaru had their debut in manga chapter 14, and in anime episode 8 when they were tasked to eliminate Kamado Tanjiro and his sister Kamado Nezuko. They were both killed during the fight with Tanjiro.

Yahaba Abilities and Special Characteristics

Yahaba’s unorthodox Blood Demon Art makes it extremely challenging for Demon Slayers to counter and overcome, especially since they are effectively invisible and intangible. When combined with Susamaru’s Blood Demon Art, their destructive output drastically increases. This can be seen when they flush Tamayo out of hiding and destroy their hideout without much trouble. 

Inscribed on his palms, Yahaba has eyes with arrows for irises. These can guide his senses and allow him to track footprints with amazing accuracy. 

7. Kaigaku (獪岳)

Rap de Zenitsu Vs Kaigaku (Demon Slayer)

Kaigaku is a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, holding the position of Upper Rank Six (上限の陸) or Jogen no Roku, replacing Daki and his brother Gyutaro after their deaths. 

Kaigaku Background

Kaigaku is another former Demon Slayer. He was Agatsuma Zenitsu’s senior disciple under the former Thunder Hashira, Kuwajima Jigoro

Kaigaku was originally one of the orphans Himejima Gyomei took care of. He is one of those responsible for letting a demon enterGyomei’s temple to eat his fellow orphans. 

Eventually, he was taken in by Jigoro, along with Zenitsu where he learnt Thunder Breathing. He was determined to become Jigoro’s successor and the new Thunder Hashira. Jigoro, however, insisted that both he and Zenitsu would become his successors, despite Zenitsu’s weakness and timid nature.

However, during the Hashira Training Arc, Kaigaku encounters and loses to Upper Rank One, Kokushibo. Kaigaku surrenders to him to save his own skin, and thus becomes a demon. He goes on to become a member of the Twelve Kizuki.

Kaigaku Abilities and Special Characteristics

Kaigaku doesn’t have a Blood Demon Art. Yet he is made a deadly demon with his skill as a former Demon Slayer who can use thunder breathing techniques. 

He was able to eat a lot of humans in a short period of time. This quickly strengthened him and enhanced his techniques. 

During a fight against Zenitsu, he shows the different thunder techniques which Zenitsu had not mastered, to attack his former junior.

8. Yushiro (愈史郎)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Figure Vol.21 (B:Yushiro)

Yushiro was the travelling companion of Tamayo and a close ally of Kamado Tanjiro. Yushiro is then turned into a demon by Tamayo during a time fighting a terminal illness. During the Infinity Castle Arc, Yushiro and Tamayo join forces with the Demon Slayer Corps to aid in the war against Kibutsuji Muzan, the Demon King. 

Yushiro only cares for Tamayo and hates when others get in the way of his spending time with her. He wants to be by her side every minute. He hates when others get too close to Tamayo, expressing even the smallest bit of attraction. He is quick to anger if he perceives that someone insults her. He fawns over her incorrigibly. 

Yushirois insulted when Tanjiro suggests that all demons have a hard time controlling their desire to feast on humans. He asks Tanjiro if he really thinks all demons are that bloodthirsty. 

Despite all this, he can show respect towards others. This can be seen in a scene where he takes back a comment about Nezuko being an “eyesore” and calls her pretty. It can also be seen when he covers Tanjiro’s mouth to prevent him from inhaling Tamayo’s perfume, which is harmful to humans.

Yushiro greatly aided the Demon Slayer Corps during the final battle against Kibutsuji Muzan, by distributing talismans with an eye written on it. The talisman makes anyone possessing it invincible to demons, aids injured Demon Slayers, and weakens Muzan with the blood Tamayo and he had developed. He is immune to Muzan’s control because he has been demonized by Tamayo, not Muzan. 

Yushiro became the last known survivor of the Demon race. In time, he would dedicate himself to a life of art and become a world-famous painter in the present day under the name of Yamamoto Yushiro. Known for his paintings of Tamayo, he is known as a mysterious figure infamous for his aggression to reporters seeking to interview him.

9. Enmu(魘夢)

Demon Slayer KIMETSU Shake The Sword ENMU Ichiban FIG

Enmu is the primary antagonist in the Mugen Train Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

He is a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, holding the position of Lower Rank One (下限の壱). 

Enmu background

Enmu’s origins are largely a mystery. He was the last of the Lower Ranks of Twelve Kizuki after Kibutsuji Muzan killed the others for failing his expectations. Enmu was entrusted with the Demon King’s blood, making his Demon Blood Art stronger. 

Enmu Abilities and Special Characteristics

Enmunu showcased his techniques during the movie Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train. Here he takes every human aboard a train hostage and eventually mutates the whole train with his flesh. The train becomes an extension of his own body. 

His Blood Demon Art is Dream Manipulation; a secondary ability that allows him to enter, manipulate and control someone’s dreams when they are asleep. 

When using this technique, his victims experience joyous dreams exquisitely suited to each person. He then takes advantage of his victim’s vulnerabilities, ensuring they are unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. 

10. Rui (累)

Banpresto - Demon Slayer Demon Series Vol. 3 Rui Figure Multiple Colors BP17835

Rui is the primary antagonist in the Mount Natagumo Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. 

Rui is a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, holding the position of Lower Rank Five (下限の伍) or Kagen no Go. He was the first of the Twelve Kizuki Kamado Tanjiro defeated.

Rui Background

As a human, Rui was born with a weak, frail and easily stressed human body. Even the very act of walking and breathing was difficult for him to do. This made him spend the majority of his life at home with his parents. His parents love him deeply, despite his situation. Eventually, he caves in to an offer from Kibutsuji Muzan’s of “salvation” from his fragile body. He becomes a demon. 

As a demon, Rui lived primarily in the forest of Mount Natagumo. He attained the rank of Lower Five among the Twelve Kizuki but did not care for rising up in rank. 

Rui nonetheless continues to devour humans and was able to match even Lower Two and Lower One in strength. 

Muzan subsequently came to see him as a favorite among his servants. Over time, various demons came to live with him and gain power. 

However, Rui’s warped and toxic idea of a family causes conflict within many of the members. With the idea that the family must protect him as the youngest, Rui pushes high expectations on the demons. He responds to failures with severe consequences.

Rui Abilities and Special Characteristics

Rui is the formidable opponent Tanjiro and Inosuke face in the first season. He is armed with both a high concentration of Muzan’s blood and an extremely lethal Blood Demon Art. The art affords him durable, razor-sharp threads that he can unleash at will. He wields these with great proficiency and forces Tanjiro into a corner. He breaks Tanjiro’s nichirin katana in trying to deflect his thread attacks. 


Most of the characters in Demon Slayer have their own backstories worth listening to and understanding. This is true of both Demon Slayer and Demon. 

Understanding these stories makes us feel related to the character. We gain an insight into where they are coming from and the current situation they are in. 

Most of the demons choose to become demons because life has been unfair to them. They give up on being just humans with desperate lives. 

Demon Slayers become what they are because they want to become stronger, to be able to defend themselves. They have the burning desire to protect humans from experiencing the despair or sadness that they have experienced in the past.

The more we understand them, Demon Slayers and demons alike; the more we feel their situations. And the more that the story becomes so much beyond just an animated TV series or comic.

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Article by Dhanie James Perez

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