What’s Trending In Japanese Social Media? #2

What's New In Japanese Social Media?

日本のSNSまとめ in 英語 and 日本語

#池江選手 Rikako Ikee, the Japanese Olympic swimming star people have been asking to stand down from competing in the Games.
#メイドの日 Maid day – so named because it falls on the tenth (Tou in Japanese) day of May (Mei). It’s kind of like a Japanese version of May 4th Star Wars day, but with sexier outfits.
#国会騒然 Japanese parliament descended into a moment of chaos this week when Renho parliamentarian asked Prime Minister Suga a question and replied with a pre-written answer to a different question.
#俺の股間 This one translates as “My nether regions”. Very internet.

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Rikako Ikee asked to pull out of Olympics

In 2018 Rikako Ikee won six gold medals at the Asian games – a new record. In 2019, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. In 2021, she qualified for the Olympics and became a national hero. She was also called on by a lot of people to withdraw from and denounce the Olympic Games because of Covid. So she put out this statement:

My Nether regions are...

The hashtag #俺の股間がの後に曲名を入れると性的 was trending this week.

It translates as my nether regions are…(place name of famous song here to make sexy sentence). So I gave it a go with the Beatles in English and Japanese –

May 10 is "Maid Day"

The West has Star Wars Day, Japan has Maid Day. Make of that what you will.

This Maid Cafe worker tweeted about how she had to struggle to be allowed to work in a Maid Cafe.

Chaos in the Diet

Things got heated in the Diet this week when Renho parliamentarian asked Prime Minister Suga a question and replied with a pre-written answer to a different quesion.

Government Admits Less Trains Equals More Congestion. Suprise!

There’s some more stuff in the video/podcast version of this. Please let me know if you like this “Social media roundup” format!

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