Japanese Vase – Arita Ware

  • Hand made
  • ARITA-yaki / IMARI-yaki: Imari-yaki is a porcelain made in Arita region of former Hizen Province (today’s Saga Prefecture) in Kyushu, Japan.
  • Originally known as Arita-yaki, named after its production region, it became to be known as Imari-yaki when the porcelain was exported to Europe in the 17th century from Imari port, Saga. Ko-imari, literally old imari in Japanese, refers specifically to Imari ware produced in the Edo period (17th-19th century). Today the name Arita-yaki is distinguished from Imari-yaki: porcelain made in Arita is called Arita-yaki and in Imari as Imari-yaki.
  • DIAMETER: – BODY: L12 × H24.5 × W12 cm – BOX: L15 × H27 × W14 cm
  • MATERIAL: Porcelain

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