Solid Puzzle Box 36 moves


This Puzzle Box is 100% hand made of solid wood. Thanks to a sophisticated mechanism, all
your secrets will be safe. The inner box is made of maple wood with dimensions: 7x7x7 cm. The
outer part of the box is made of a combination of cherry and amaranth (purple heart) wood with
dimensions of 10x10x8.5 cm. The box has two pull-out rails on two sides which have six different
positions giving it 36 possible combinations in one level. It is possible to choose from one up to five
levels. To open and move to the next level, the rails must be set to the correct position on both
sides. Opening instruction for each box are accompanied with the order.
Every puzzle box in my offer is an original work. Since it is a unique craftwork the colours may be slightly
Express shipping we send via EMS speed post (delivery time 3-4 days)