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Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense., Vol. 2 (light novel) (Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense. (light novel))

Sally is the second main character of Bofuri. She is the best friend who introduced Kaede (the primary main character of Bofuri) to the Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), New World Online. 

Many Bofuri fans really like Sally’s personality as she strives hard to attain her goals while enjoying the process. 


Sally is the game name of Lisa (sometimes translated as Risa), who is the best friend of the main character, Kaede (Also known as “Maple”). Lisa and Kaede are childhood friends and go to the same high school. 

Lisa is very fond of video games. So much so that she got suspended from playing video games until she passed her school exams. At that time, Lisa managed to get a hold of the newest VRMMORG but felt frustrated because she couldn’t play it yet. 

Lisa decided to introduce Kaede to the new game she had bought, but Kaede was not that interested in the game. With a little more push, Sally convinced Kaede to play the game in her stead until Lisa passed her examination. 

After passing her examination, Lisa joined Kaede in playing the game and named her character Sally, an anagram of her name in real life (IRL). 

Both Sally and Maple explored the game together. While Sally and Maple vow to become strong, their main goal in playing the game is to enjoy the game together and experience things they could never experience in real life. 


Sally is a very athletic and adventurous kind of girl. She is very active in playing different types of video games –mostly MMORPG. She has played with different kinds of players in various games, so she is very cautious with people because she understands that not everyone is nice. 

Sally is also very competitive. She doesn’t like losing to other players. In spite of her competitiveness, she knows her limitation and strength. She mostly avoids battles with very little chance of winning. 

When Sally was done in by Frederica in the first guild versus guild event, Sally vowed to cover her weaknesses and never let other players corner her like that again. Thus, she always hides a trump card to ensure she can flip the tide in crucial moments. 

Sally is very meticulous, and she always plans things out. Because she has played several video games, she understands the importance of gathering information. Whenever there is an event, Sally has the initiative to gather every bit of information she can find during an event, such as map information, types of enemies to watch out for, good hunting spots, best hiding spots, etc. She is very effective at scouting and intelligence gathering.

Even though Sally is a very cautious person, it’s easy for her to make new friends and work with people to meet her goals. Sally is the total opposite of Maple. Sally is as sharp as a tack, while Maple is more happy-go-lucky and carefree. 

Sally and Maple might have very different personalities from each other, but they get along pretty well and always enjoy each other’s company. 

Strength & Weaknesses

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Sally is an attack-type player, so her defense is pretty low. In fact, one Ultimate skill from either Maple, Mii, Frederica, Dread, or Payne can easily kill Sally. But, of course, Sally would never let that happen. Sally compensates for her lack of defense with her agility and evasion. She never runs out a trick on her sleeve to escape a tight spot. 

Sally (or Lisa in real life) is a twin dagger user with very high agility and evasion skills. Her evasion skills are insanely good, and she can easily evade dangerous attacks without even using a skill. Her ability to move her body in the last second makes her unique more than her skills and personality. 

Sally’s stats are more focused on agility, but unlike Maple, she distributes her stats properly like the true Player that she is. 

Her skills focus more on the water attribute, which is complimented by her pet’s fire attribute. Sally’s damage depends on her daggers, such as the Slash, Double Slash, Triple Slash, and Quintuple Slash. She also uses a web-like skill and ice pillars for aerial navigation. 

Sally’s evasion is top-notch, and she pairs it with her speed and illusion skills to make the perfect escape. 

Her most powerful skill is the ability to copy any skill Sally has encountered (I forgot the name of the skill that makes her copy another skill), but the output is only half the original skill. In the third Major event of the light novel, Sally uses this skill to confuse Mii and Lily (two opposing guild leaders) by copying Payne’s ultimate skill.

Sally is very weak against AOE attacks since she relies on her evasion to escape fatal damages. If there is one thing Sally could never win against, it is Ghost-type monsters. Not because she doesn’t have the means to defeat them but because she is very much afraid of ghosts.

There was even a time when Lisa made Kaede talk to her all night because Lisa scared herself for some reason while her parents were out of town, and Lisa was the only one left at home. 


Sally is one of the first two players who acquired a pet in the game along with Maple. They both got their pet as a reward for defeating the first and most difficult boss the game administrators created as a “manifestation of their evil.” 

Sally’s pet is a fox-type monster specializing in fire attributes and agility. Sally’s pet, “Oboro,” boosts Sally’s skills and provides support through various skills such as Shadow Clone, Fox Fire, and Fire Pillar. 

As Oboro levels up, it also gains more skills crucial to Sally’s attack power and survivability. One of Oboro’s most useful skills to Sally is Quick Shadow which allows an ally to become invisible for a short period of time, and Spirited Away, which erases the existence of an ally for 1 sec enough to evade an incoming attack. 

Oboro also has buffs called Demon Flame, which increases the damage of buffed ally and Fire Child, extending the reach of fire attacks and weapons. 

In Season 2, Oboro and Syrup (Maple’s pet) had their second evolution after completing a hidden quest on the 5th Floor. So far, only Oboro and Syrup are the only monster pets in the game that has reached 2nd evolution. This is mainly because of the requirements to activate the hidden quest, which involves a strong bond between the master and the pet. And because Oboro and Syrup have been with Sally and Maple, they are the only ones qualified to take the hidden quest for monster evolution.  



Kasumi is Sally’s first rival in the game. Kasumi and Maple came across Kasumi in the second event, where Sally and Maple were wandering around looking for silver coins when Sally noticed Kasumi in an Oasis at the dessert. 

Kasumi tried to run using acceleration, but since Sally also had acceleration, she immediately caught up to Kasumi. 

Kasumi drew her Japanese sword to prepare for Sally’s attack. Maple’s weirdness caused an avalanche which caused the three to fall into a dungeon that forced them to cooperate to complete. 

Since then, Kasumi has been comparing herself to Sally, and they become secret rivals. Kasumi has also been keeping an eye on Sally for a chance to fight her again. 


Dread is Sally’s second rival in the game. Both Dread and Sally are dagger-type and agility-type of players. They use their speed and sharp blades to finish off their enemies. 

Sally was hunting players during the game’s first guild versus guild event when she came across Dread in a forest-like part of the event map. At that time, they both wanted to see who was the fastest and had better skills. 

Sally chased after Dread trying to corner him. But Dread’s instinct is top-notch, and he feels the danger of facing Sally head-on. Dread used his God Speed to confuse Sally as Dread prepared his attack. Sally’s eyes couldn’t keep up with Dread’s God Speed. When Dread pounced on Sally from behind, Sally used her incredible evasion skill to parry Dread’s surprise attack before he fled using his God Speed. 


Frederica is probably the only one who openly declares Sally as her rival. Their rivalry started when Frederica was scouting for Maple Tree to gather information before the first guild wars. Unfortunately for Frederica, Sally was able to sense her before Frederica managed to gather information about the skills of members of Maple Tree. 

After being found out, Sally challenged Frederica to a 1vs1 duel to get information about Frederica’s skill. During the duel, Sally faints fake skills to make Frederica believe that Sally has accidentally revealed her secret skills so Frederica would show hers as well. 

At the end of the duel, Frederica loses to Sally and returns to her guild, thinking she got crucial information about Sally.

Their rivalry became deeper when Frederica cornered Sally in the guild wars. Frederica managed to trap Sally in a corner using Frederica’s Multi-Barrier. Sally felt helpless at that time because she was unable to help Maple Tree members as Payne, Dread, and Drag massacred them one by one.

Since then, Sally vowed never to let Frederica corner her again and to make sure to be careful around Frederica. 

After the guild wars, Frederica constantly invited Sally to duels, but Frederica could never beat Sally. Frederica has always been itching to defeat Sally in a one-on-one battle to prove her strength and growth to Sally. 


In Sally’s mind, there is only one person whom she considers her rival, and that is Maple. While they are best friends, Sally finds Maple a very challenging character to beat, much more challenging than any players they have encountered together. 

Sally often tries to think about Maple whenever she wants to gain more strength. Many fans believe that Sally is secretly jealous of Maple because of how much growth Maple has attained despite being a newbie in the gaming world. But the truth is, it is because Sally and Maple support each other to become stronger; they secretly form a rivalry to push each other up. However, Maple is always caught up with many players and circumstances, that Maple sometimes forgets that Sally wants to rival her. 

Sally and Maple have the kind of friendship that help each other grow while being happy for each other, dispelling any negative feelings toward each other. Instead, they both just try to enjoy every experience they get in the game and compensate for each other’s weaknesses while pushing each other to greater heights. 


Article by John Salinas.

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