Tokyo to Matsumoto City and Matsumoto Castle

The train trip from Tokyo to Matsumoto is one of the most surprisingly magical experiences I have had. You cruise on the “Wide View” train through mountain vistas and sweeping valley scenes. All for the price of standard commuter fare.
At the end you are rewarded with scenes that look like this:

Matsumoto Castle
Swans at Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto remains one of my favourite cities in Japan.

Naomi Osaka Japanese Tweets

Translating Japanese Tweets About Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ選手についての日本語ツイートを英語に訳す   Today I’m going to read through and translate some of the Japanese Twitter commentary about Naomi Osaka

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カネコアヤノ祝日歌詞 英訳 Kaneko Ayano Lyrics Shukujitsu

カネコアヤノさんの「祝日」を英語に訳して演奏しました。歌える訳を心がけたのであまり直訳ではないですが出来るだけ歌の心が伝わるように頑張りました。 原曲にはちょっと90年代インディーズっぽいコード進行があると思ってそのような編曲をしてみました! I made an English translation of the lyrics to Ayano Kaneko’s “Shukujitsu”. It is a “singable” translation, rather than a word-for-word. But  I’ve

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英語 歌詞 作り方




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I’m Peter Joseph Head. I lived in Japan for four years as a student at Kyoto City University of the Arts doing a Masters Degree, have toured the country six times playing music and speak Japanese (JLPT N1). I’ve written songs in Japanese and have released several albums through Tokyo label Majikick Records.


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