Cute Japanese Subscription Boxes Compared

If you’re into all things kawaii, but you can’t catch a magical cat bus (Ghibli reference alert!) from your home country to Harajuku every other day, then a Japanese cute kawaii box subscription might be in order.

There are a lot of options when you look across every Japanese subscription available. It can be confusing, and not in a cutely confusing way.

We’ve compared the main options here, although there are some boxes, such as anime-themed boxes, that it might be worth checking out too. We’ve also done a review of the sakurako box here.

We have included both generically kawaii boxes, and a couple of cute gatcha-pon toy-themed boxes.

Kawaii Japanese Subscription Boxes Comparison Table

NamePrice/ MonthNumber of ItemsCategorySpecial Characteristcs
Yume Twins$37.506Kawaii5-7 items YumeTwins OriginalsYumeTwins ExclusivesStationeryLifestyle & HomegoodsFamous Japanese Character Items16+ Page Kawaii Culture Guide
Kawaii Box$29.907Kawaii6-8 items plushies squishies and toys stationerykeychainsbags & pouchescandykeychainswearablesaccessories.
Doki Doki$49.505-6Kawaiihousehold goods to plushies, apparel, travel accessories

Japanese Cute Subscription Box List

In Japan, the culture of cute and kawaii (cute) is prevalent in all aspects of life. The Japanese are willing to spend their hard-earned money on items that are not necessary but make them feel better. These items include everything from makeup, stationery items, clothes, jewelry, food, home decor, and many other goods. This obsession with cute has led to the creation of a new business idea: Japanese Cute & Kawaii Subscription Boxes.

1.Yume Twins

5-7 items per month.

Yume Twins subscription box focuses on cutesy kawaii Japanese items.

The thing that sets Yume apart is that they actually create their own original items. You get the sense that they are actively trying to build their own brand, identity and community.

If you resonate with what they are making, getting the chance to get items that are exclusively available from these boxes is a major drawcard.

But then, if their original stuff doesn’t give you a sense of the warm and fuzzies, then this may not be the best box for you.

Each box contains 5~7 items, with the centerpiece usually being one relatively “deluxe” plushie.

Yume boxes include

  • YumeTwins Originals
  • YumeTwins Exclusives
  • Stationery
  • Lifestyle & Homegoods
  • Famous Japanese Character Items
  • 16+ Page Kawaii Culture Guide

Past Yume boxes have looked like this

  • BIG All Purpose Bunny Face Plushie
  • All Purpose Bunny Fluffy Socks
  • All Purpose Bunny Rubber Coaster
  • All Purpose Bunny Air Freshener
  • All Purpose Bunny Foldable Note Collection
  • All Purpose Bunny Keychain

Expect to find tie-ins with cutesy characters from the likes of Ghibli, Sailor Moon, Pokemon & more.

Price: Monthly price starts from $37.5

2. Kawaii Box

6-8 items

This Kawaii Box competes with other boxes like the “Yume Twins”. The Kawaii Box is cheaper, though, and actually has slightly more items. They often include more than one plushie, which is different from Yume.
These boxes include all the Kawaii things you see wandering around budget shops in Tokyo and Osaka.

Kawaii boxes include

  • plushies
  • squishies and toys
  • stationery
  • keychains
  • bags & pouches
  • candy
  • keychains
  • wearables
  • accessories.

They also include the odd Japanese candy or sweet.

Past Kawaii boxes have looked like

  • Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure Magical Candy
  • Amuse Character Hand Towel
  • Sanrio Characters Mushroom Garden Notebook
  • Sanrio Character Sticker Tape
  • Sanrio Character Surprise Pen
  • Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure Hair Tie
  • Koupen Chan Collectible Charm
  • Moomin Face Towel
  • Kawaii-fy Your Life!

Price: $29.90 USD – includes free shipping!

3. Doki Doki

5-6 items.

A kawaii item-focused box that is on the more deluxe end of the market.

Their items are often quite substantial. They have some nice plushies, mugs etc.

They also have practical stuff like rice scoopers and bento boxes.

You pay for what you get thought and Doki Doki is one of the more costly boxes available.

Doki Doki boxes include

  • household goods
  • plushies
  • apparel
  • travel accessories

Past DokiDoki boxes have included

Kitsune Lucky Plushie, Little Twin Stars Spoon, Daruma Mask Case, Sumikko Gurashi Alarm Clock

Brands featured in Doki Doki box include:

Price: $49.5/ Month,  includes free shipping.

Japanese Toy & Gachapon Boxes

4. GachaGacha

Gachapon includes 6 hand-selected gachapon capsules each month ranging from your favorite characters to funny figures, useful accessories and more. At 14 dollars more than the other gachapon delivery box option Capsule Box, you would want to hope that the gachapon selections in the Gatcha Gacha box…

Price: $38.95/month with Free Shipping Worldwide.

5. Capsule Box

This one is a unique take on the Japan subscription box. If you’ve ever been to a Japanese shopping center, you will have seen the little “Gachapon” machines where you can put in a coin and get a little capsule containing random, often somewhat hilarious items including keyrings, figurines, tiny electronic games or kawaii stuff. From the same company behind the Umai Box and the Nihon Box.
Includes “at least 6” gachapon every month.

Price: $24.49/Month, includes free shipping.

In Cute Conclusion

Japanese boxes are often filled with delightful surprises that will keep your heart warm throughout the cool winter months. Whether you’re in love with Japanese culture or just looking for a cute gift to give to someone else, these kawaii subscription boxes are full of items that make you go “awwww” and pout your face. These subscriptions come with a variety of items that are often related to anime, manga, or other Japanese pop culture. They may include plushies, stationery, figurines, jewelry, or anything else that is small and adorable. There are many different subscription boxes available on the market to please any interest.