Gifts For Sushi Lovers

Sushi Gifts


There’s something about sushi. Some people get obsessed with the little fishy morsels. 

So, what sushi gift to get the sushi lover in your life? It’s a surprsingly big world of sushi paraphernalia out there.

So, we think you can go with a few different options here. We’ve divided them up into:

  • Sushi Gifts For The Kitchen
  • Sushi Gifts For Dining
  • Sushi Home Decor
  • Sushi Themed clothing & Wearables
  • Fun Sushi Themed Stuff

And come up with our top 34 sushi related presents.

Sushi Gifts For The Kitchen

#1 Sushi Rice Cooker

So first things first, if you want great sushi, you need great rice. So why not get a ricecooker that is made with the express purpose of making great Sushi rice?

#2 10 piece Sushi Making Kit

Now, if you’re serious about sushi, you need more than just a spoon and sushi roller. You need the complete set. Like a 10 piece complete set. Now we’re on a roll.

#3 12 Piece Sushi Making Kit

This one really gives you the keys to the lodge. Let’s follow the Spinal Tap philosophy, why stop at 10 when you can turn the sushi utensil volume up to 12? This one has the Suhi “Oke” tub, so you can really mix up your sushi rice in style.

#4 Sushi Knife

No self respecting Sushi aficianado is without their own signature blade for slicing up the fish. The only other thing you need is to figure out how to say “That’s not a knife, this is a knife” in Japanese.

#5 Sushi Kit with Ingredients

This set kit doesn’t just stop at utensils, it gives you all the necessary ingredients such as rice and vinegar too. No fish in there though. That would just be weird.

#6 Sushi "Oke" tub

Sushi “oke” tubs can be works of art in and of themselves. You could get one of these as part of a larger set. But if you’re going to get one, why not get a nice one that you can take pleasure in using for years?

These can be used for mixing rice and for presenting the broken “chirashi sushi” type sushi.

Sushi Gifts For Dining

#7 Circular Sushi Tray

It’s not quite as good as having the Sushi coming around to you on a little train, but racking up your fishy morsels on a round tray is still pretty fun. And you can use it for other things too. Say for having icecream cones with a dozen of your friends. Yikes!

#8 Lily Pond Sushi Dining Set

Sushi lovers should eat in style. How about Lily Pond style? 

#9 Sushi Dining Set For Two

Sushi is best when shared with a friend. So why not give your sushi lover this two person set and give them a subtle hint about who they should invite to dinner?

The rustic, uneven form is a little wabi-sabi too!

#10 Turquoise Glaze Sushi Dining Set

I’m a big fan of these turquoise glaze finishes in Japanese ceramics. They are often set off with earthy, or muted grey colors creating the perfect balance of vibrant and understated. Rich but not over-the-top.

#11 Black "Sumi" Sushi plates

Classic black, makes colors of the food pop. “Sumi” means ink and Japanese, and you definitely get a sense of the black inkiness of these. 

The plates are a little longer too, so you get a good runway of sushi there in one go!

#12 Black Marble Sushi Serving Set

Here’s something modern to slip your California Rolls on. Influenced by Japanese traditional arts, such as Kintsugi, but with a uniquely chic twist, these make a good gift for suhi lovers with refined tastes.

#13 White Porcelain Sushi Serving Platter

For centuries, porcelain was one of the most sort after products in the world, whether East or West. So this set draws on that refined, and long-coveted tradition. It’s hard to go with the simplicity of white porcelain.

#14 Star Trek Themed Sushi Platter

Beam me up sushi.

For the Trekky meets Sushi lover in your life, this is the one. The person that came up with this idea is surely on the list of upcoming Nobel Prize nominees. Surely.

#15 Sakura Nail Chopsticks

The serious Sushi devotee needs some serious sticks. These ones are simple and elegant. Just like the sushi cuisine itself.

#16 Sushi Picnic Box

When you want to take your sushi on a picnic with your group of serious sushi lovers, and you turn up with a plastic tupperware container, it’s not going to be good. You need something pretty. Like this. And while you’re at it, you need three levels of something pretty.

Sushi Home Decor

#17 Fish Themed Sushi Neon Sign

If you’ve spent time in Japan, you’ve no doubt wandered down some of Japan’s city side streets packed with signage advertising food, beverages, Karaoke, dancing etc. Now you can have a bit of the night time bustle in your own personal space.

#18 Sushi Boat Neon Sign

The sushi boat is about set sail. All aboard.

#19 Sushi Art

Sushi on your plate, sushi on your wall. What could be better?

#20 Sushi Curtains

Cats x Sushi. Could it get any cuter?

#21 Sushi Bedding

Roll up with your sushi rolls. And your nigiri. All your sushi friends. 

This is a close as it gets to sleeping with sushi without it getting kinda gross.

#22 Sushi Godzilla Bedding

Even Godzillas have to eat. Where Godzilla gets a sushi portion large enough for him to consume, who knows? 

#23 Sushi Lover Parking Sign

“Violaters will be rolled out”. That’s champaigne sushi humour. Or sake sushi humour. Or something. Whatever it is, it’s what your sushi lover needs.

#24 Sushi Rug

Because sometimes you need some sushi under your feet too…

Sushi Themed Clothing & Wearables

#25 Sushi Cufflinks

If you’ve been wondering why your shirt sleeves have been coming asunder at the Sushi counter, it’s because you forgot your sterling silver sushi cufflinks. In this situation the slogan says it all “keep calm and eat sushi”.

#26 Sushi Disney Pins

Who new Mickey munches maki? Well, now you do. And so should the world. By allerting them with these Epcot International Food And Wine Festival commemorative pins.

#27 Sushi Pendant For Women

For the sushi loving special someone in your life. 

#28 Sushi Disney Socks

So these socks come in options for tacos, or bacon or a few other food stuffs but we want the sushi option. Don’t get the taco option for your Sushi lover.

Hey, it’s socks. Socks for a present? I know crazy right?

#29 Sushi T-Shirt

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others wear their sushi on their chests. You can even do both if you want.

#30 Sushi Earrings

Little round bite-size morsels, prime real estate beneath the earloabs, sushi and earrings – it was a match made to be.

Fun Sushi Themed Stuff

#31 Sushi Pullback Cars

The maker of these little sushi cars says “they are the fastest sushi in the world”. We can not verify this bold claim, but we don’t think anyone will argue with you if you choose to make it in conversation. Elon Musk may have something in the works to rival you though.

The sushi in these little rippers is actually very realistic. Whether or not these are the fastest sushi in the world, they just may be the funnest.

#32 Sushi Plush Toy

Plush toys are all the rage of late. So get your sushi in on the actions already!

#33 Rilakkuma Sushi Figurines

Everyone’s favorite relaxed bear much at the sushi train!

#34 Plastic Play Sushi

Kids love to play restaurants. Why not indoctrinate them early to the pleasures of the sushi?

Or possibly mix it in with the real stuff and see if you can play a practical joke?

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