Japanese Gifts For Her 2020

Japan is famous for kawaii cuteness, and for celebrating the femininity in clothing, pattern and design.

We’ve made a list of some of our favorite gifts for Japan-loving women in your life. We’ve tried to chunk up the ideas for Japanese presents for women into categories to make it easier. We’ve given a couple of gift examples in each category, with a link to more options for each category.

Hopefully this helps you find a unique Japanese gift for her!

We have a more general page about Japanese gifts here.

Oh, and we’ve also got a page for Japanese gifts for him here.

Cute Japanese Gifts

Let’s start with some cute things from japan. We’ll also include some anime gifts for her.

Totoro is perhaps the most popular in all the pantheon of Studio Ghibli. Totoro hoodie for that special someone?

Does your special someone like the film Princess Mononoke? Now she can go a little wild, with a Mononoke style necklace!

Sometimes you can express your fandom with a hoodie or a t-shirt. Sometimes you need to become your heroes. This Totoro onsie can help with tha.

This is a Kiki’s Delivery Service style bow, but it could be a harajuku kawaii bow too depending on how you wear it.

Japanese Randoseru School Bag

These Japanese school girl’s bags, called randoseru,  have become popular in the west of late after several hollowood stars have taken to shouldering them around the streets. 

We’ve got a Japanese schoolbag randoseru page here

Gifts for Sushi Lovers!

There’s something inherently comforting about a soft plush toy. Combine it with the comforting nature of everyone’s favorite raw fish morsel, and that’s a potent 1-2 punch of serenity right there.

Japanese Home Gifts

There’s no quicker way to transform the feel of the room than with lighting. These Japanese style lights emit a warm, subtle light that can make an otherwise bland space into something magical.

This lamp combines the charm of a traditional style lamp with modern connectivity. The best of both worlds.

If you are thinking of getting a Japanese lamp as present check out our Japanese lamps guide

Japanese people love to sit on the floor. Zabuton style cushions aid with that. This one has a beautiful, muted tone design.

These zabuton cushions are well padded and would be particularly well suited to meditation.

Japanese Clothing Gifts For Her

Wearing a padded hanten jacket is kind of like wrapping yourself in a quilt. No more dragging your bedding around the house. This floral one is distincively Japanese and feminine.

If you’re special someone is a language fan, why not gift them a Japanese Language course? pimsleur is one of the longest running, most reputable courses out there. Millions of language learners can’t be wrong.

Japanese Language Gifts

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The famous Pimsleur program is one I’ve used a lot and found very helpful. If you want to get something for your Japanese learning male friend, this one’s solid.

Another way, potentially cheaper than an online membership, to do the Pimsleur Japanese course is to buy the lessons on CD. This one also looks better in wrapping paper…

The Japanese street clothing label BAPE has swept the world. Almost like a virus. So it makes sense that they have masks too. This is one is trad-pink for the ladies.

This mask has the distinctive BAPE mouth design.

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