Japanese Gifts For Her 2024

Japan is famous for kawaii cuteness, and for celebrating the femininity in clothing, pattern and design.

We’ve made a list of some of our favorite gifts for Japan-loving women in your life. We’ve tried to chunk up the ideas for Japanese presents for women into categories to make it easier. We’ve given a couple of gift examples in each category, with a link to more options for each category.

Hopefully this helps you find a unique Japanese gift for her!

We have a more general page about Japanese gifts here.

Oh, and we’ve also got a page for Japanese gifts for him here.

The Japanese Snack Lover

One option is to get your loved one a curated snack box, either as a one-off or as an ongoing monthly subscription. One Japanese snack box we have reviewed favourably in the past is the Sakuraco box pictured above.

Cute Japanese Gifts

Let’s start with some cute things from japan. We’ll also include some anime gifts for her.

Queen of Japanes pop left-of-centre cuteness Kyary Pamyu Pamyu themed cap!

Need a Harajuku style kawaii bag to take with you to Harajuku? Try this.

Sailor moon shirt!

Love heart, check. Pink faux-leather, check. Baby blue incorporated, check. That’s what we call a choker.

If you want to pursue kawaii cute, you’re going to need some resource materials right?

Is the special someone in your life Goth, Gyaru, Lolita, Akamonji-kei, or Aomoji-kei. This book should help everyone figure that out.

A Kikis Delivery Services style black cat. Bewitching.

Japanese Randoseru School Bag

These Japanese school girl’s bags, called randoseru,  have become popular in the west of late after several hollowood stars have taken to shouldering them around the streets. 

More randoseru cuteness.

We’ve got a Japanese schoolbag randoseru page here

Gifts for Sushi Lovers!

Who knew the best place for sushi is swinging from your ears?

Nothing says “I love you” like sushi in gold plate enamel.

Let’s face it, making well shaped sushi is a pain in the rice ball. This kit takes the pain away. 

These ye-olde sushi tubs bring a rustic feel to the whole sushi making process. Fill it with everything else you need, and it’s the perfect gift for sushi fans.

Japanese Home Gifts

You eat lunch every day right? So why not eat from a lunch box that gives you pleasure. Food tastes better out of a nice box. Especially a nice, natural wooden box. Mmmm, bento box.

Beautiful blue glaze plate suitable for sushi or piece of fish, with dipping bowls and chopsticks.

For the Sake lovers. Bizen is my favourite school of potter in Japan, it’s rough enough to have character to smooth enough to be pleasurable to use. 

If your loved one is a tea swiller, then they need a a good cup. If they like matcha, they’ll also need the whisk and spoon. This gives them everything they need for great tea in one pack.

We’ve alsogot posts about tea whisks and Japanese tea sets

Many peopel have grasped the symbolic beauty of Kintsugi. This book uses the idea of Kintsugi as a metaphore for living life. Self-help for the Japan lover.

If you do a lot of cutting and cooking, you need a good knife. Japan does great blades. They look stylish too.

Some people love tea, some people like something a little harder. Japan has some wonderful, quite unusual beer cups, such as this one.

Kintsugi is the art of fixing cracked items with gold. The idea is to celebrate the cracks in a long cherished item. So a kintsugi piece of pottery is a great gift as a symbol of the value in celebrating connection, even in adversity.

There’s no quicker way to transform the feel of the room than with lighting. These Japanese style lights emit a warm, subtle light that can make an otherwise bland space into something magical.

This lamp combines the charm of a traditional style lamp with modern connectivity. The best of both worlds.

If you are thinking of getting a Japanese lamp as present check out our Japanese lamps guide

Japanese people love to sit on the floor. Zabuton style cushions aid with that. This one has a beautiful, muted tone design.

These zabuton cushions are well padded and would be particularly well suited to meditation.

Japanese Clothing Gifts For Her

Wearing a padded hanten jacket is kind of like wrapping yourself in a quilt. No more dragging your bedding around the house. This floral one is distincively Japanese and feminine.

If you’re special someone is a language fan, why not gift them a Japanese Language course? pimsleur is one of the longest running, most reputable courses out there. Millions of language learners can’t be wrong.

Japan Coloring Book Gifts

Coloring books for adults have taken off in recent years. See our Japan coloring books page here.

I love this book, it really is as much an art book as a straight out coloring book. It has beautiful full-color images of 22 ukiyo-e woodblock prints. In addition it gives you a full page background on each artwork and artist. So you’re learning about the history of this wonderful Japanese artform, but doing it in an active way where you are recreating the artworks. The coloring pages are actually recreated from the original artworks themselves, so they are incredibly accurate.

The only drawbacks are that they may be too intricate for some, and 22 images is less than some other options.

The only drawbacks are that they may be too intricate for some, and 22 images is less than some other options.

Not so much a “book” as a bumper “pad” of 72 wonderful patterns and images. It’s top bound with glue, so you can easily remove individual sheets. The Vive Le Color coloring book range are tremendously popular, so you know you’re going to get something that is generally good quality. This book is fairly small, which makes it pretty portable. The downside is that this also means that a lot of the designs are small, and can feel a little “cramped”. It’s a trade off really. Still this book has so many fans, it pretty much couldn’t be left out of any Japanese Coloring Book list.

Japanese Language Gifts

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The famous Pimsleur program is one I’ve used a lot and found very helpful. If you want to get something for your Japanese learning male friend, this one’s solid.

Another way, potentially cheaper than an online membership, to do the Pimsleur Japanese course is to buy the lessons on CD. This one also looks better in wrapping paper…

Check out our full Pimsleur Japanese review here

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