Naruto Hoodies Guide

Naruto Hoodie

Guide to not buying a dud

Naruto is the 4th best selling Manga series of all time. In the two and half decades since its creation, it has exploded over the globe to one of the most popular Japanese comic characters around. 

So it’s no surprise that lots of people are after Naruto merch, and the Naruto hoodie is a popular choice – especially as a present for your anime loving family member or friend.

So here is a guide on how to buy a Naruto Hoodie gift that won’t disappoint.

Where To Buy Naruto Hoodies

There are a range of places to get yourself or a loved one wrapped in some Naruto. The top places to look are:

1. Xplayer Shop Hoodies

2. Amazon Naruto Hoodies

3. Amazon Japan Naruto Hoodies 

4. Etsy Naruto Hoodies

5. Aliexpress Naruto Hoodies

6. Teepublic Naruto Hoodies

Xplayer Shop Hoodies

The Xplayer shop has the best selection of deluxe, high quality Naruto hoodies for the serious fan.

Xplayer has given us a 15% discount for their products using code “japanoscope”.

#1 Long Green Naruto Hoodie Jacket

I really like this hoodie. I got one of these for my 12 year old son, and he loves it! It’s great quality, with a tough canvas-like cotton material.  The website lists this as a summer/spring jacket, but I think the coat length, draw strings, robust zippers and buttons make it good as a winter top as well. We took some photos of him wearing his Naruto hoodie jacket below.

Use code “japanoscope” for 15% discount!

#2 Dark "Akatsuki" style Naruto Hoodie Jacket

Here’s one for those that are fans of the “darker” side of the naruto universe!

 Use code “japanoscope” for 15% discount!

#3 Casual Naruto Hoodie Jacket

This one features the distinctive “Uchiha” family crest. It is stylish without being over the top, so can be worn in a range of contexts.

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Amazon Naruto Hoodies

Amazon has a wide range of Naruto goods, maybe not quite so “maniac” as some of the other stuff here for the hardcore fan, but still solid.

#4 Trad-Cut Akatsuki Naruto Hoodie Jacket

This is the big one! This is the highest customer ranking Naruto hoodie on Amazon. It’s a classic hoodie, non-jacket style too, which will suit a lot of people:

Amazon Japan Naruto Hoodies

If you are looking for something a bit different from Naruto’s home land, try Amazon Japan, some of who’s sellers ship internationally, or you can use a shipping service to get them shipped to your country via Japan.

#5 Bright Sasuke Naruto Hoodie Jacket

This one is a STATEMENT. If you’re into the bold & the bright, this is the one.

Etsy Naruto Hoodies

Etsy has really interesting selections that you won’t find anywhere else. Their top rated Naruto hoodie is this retro design:

#6 Retro Classic Naruto Hoodie Jacket

The design on this one is so classic, it hits all the visual cues of the anime and consule game.

Aliexpress Naruto Hoodies

They are also often the cheapest options, although you won’t find so many “official” items.

#7 Bold Design Naruto Hoodie Jacket

These highly colorful Naruto hoodies are amongst the most striking on offer! They are also a bargain to boot…

Check Product On Aliexpress

Teepublic Naruto Hoodies

Great for unusual and fan generated designs. Teepublic lets independent designers make their own creations, so there are some great finds on there!

#8 Naruto Eats Ramen Hoodie Jacket

Naruto loves ramen! This one references your insider knowledge of the anime and simultaneously expresses your love of noodles. That’s a win-win!

Types of Naruto Hoodie Design

Let’s face it, this is going to be the big one for most people.

You are mostly going to find designs based around certain characters and places. The main ones are:

Naruto Hoodie Characters

Naruto Uzumaki

Of course, Naruto himself is the main man. So the bulk of Naruto hoodie paraphernalia features our hero.

Probably the most “classic” design is the orange sided one that the main character Naruto himself wears in most of the anime series. If you after something that is instantly recognisable to those who are already familiar with Naruto, but not necessarily to those who aren’t, this is probably the one to go for.

The top customer rated on Amazon in this style is this one:


Sasuke Uchiha

The main arch-nemesis of the piece is Sasuke, but he has his own dark charm that makes him one of the most popular characters from the Naruto universe. He’s a bit like the biblical disciple Peter who betrayed Jesus, but who is deep down (hopefully) a good person.

Suitably “bad boy” is the Sasuke themed denim hoodie below.

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi is consistently voted as one of the most popular characters in Naruto. He is a leadership figure, is mysterious, and just down-right cool looking. So he is a popular motif in Naruto paraphernalia.

This is the top customer rated Kakashi item on Amazon, and even comes with a head band!


The Akatsuki are a bunch of bad-boy criminals with distinctive red ensignia. Their black background and striking logo, matched with their tough-gang mystique, make them popular in the Naruto merch world, including Naruto Hoodies.

Here is a classic example:


Official Versus Unofficial Naruto Hoodies

Officially licensed Naruto hoodie products will usually say so fairly prominently in the description. There is no guarantee that officially licensed products are actually going to be better than the unofficial products, but it does offer some suggestion that the product isn’t going to be complete rubbish. 

If you stick to only official products, it will limit your options a lot and you will probably have to pay more. In a lot of cases, you can do a little homework on product reviews and find something that you can have confidence in outside the confines of “official”.

Naruto Hoodie Materials

Naruto hoodies come in a range of materials. The word “hoodie” conjures up images of something fleecy and warm, but not all items called a hoodie will conform to these ideas.  A lot of people get excited about a hoodie design, order online, and then get disappointed when the item arrives and it doesn’t feel like how they had imagined. Before you click that “order” button take a moment to check what you are actually getting.

Usually Naruto hoodies will be some combination of:




If you want something that is going to last longer, try looking for something that has some proportion of natural fibre like cotton. 

A spandex garment is obviously going to be more stretchy and fitted rather than warm and fleecy, so be aware of this when ordering.

Naruto Hoodie Sizes

A lot of people have trouble with items being larger or smaller than they think because of differences in sizes between different countries, most notably between the United States and other Asian Countries.

Here is a list of the top customer rated Naruto Hoodies across several stores.

We hope that has simplified the process of finding a Naruto Hoodie. If you’re not sure, then it’s probably good to go for the trad-orange Naruto hoodie. Have fun!

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