Japanese Shoe and Sneaker Brand favs

Kicks we love:

Shoes Like Pottery
LOSERS Stick to Your Guns
Asics Japan
Asahi Shoes
RFW Tokyo
Hender Scheme
White Atelier By Converse
Onitsuka Tiger Japan
Comme Des Garcons

Ontisuka Tiger


Japanese Essay Tokyo Tower

A Japanese essay read in Japanese and English. The essay by, Inazo Inamoto, uses Tokyo Tower to examine the difference between seeing from a far and getting up close, and argues that getting up close wins.
In today’s age of information gluts, and gluttony, where to “know” something is to say that you once googled it and scanned the the top 3 search result headlines, the essay argues the case for deeper experiential learning.

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Jun Togawa Suki Suki Daisuki

戸川純 好き好き大好きTogawa Jun Suki Suki Daisuki Who is Jun Togawa? Jun Togawa was once asked in an interview whether she was an “Idol” or an

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Japanese Storage

From my earliest years of going to Japan as a teenager, I was struck by the way that Japanese people used space. Showers & bath

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