Slackers Ninja Line For Families 2021

I’ve got kids that love to climb. So I recently bought them a Slackers Ninja Line, and it’s been a big hit with them. 

It was a god send during the COVID lockdown where they were out there swinging on it every day. 

What is a slackline?


If you are unfamiliar with the whole concept. A slackline is basically a piece of super robust material that you stretch out really tightly between a couple of trees. You use a ratchet to make it so taught that you can either walk across it or hang from it. If you have two of them, one over the other, you can do both. 


Slackers Ninja Line For The Family


The great thing about the Slacker Ninja Line is that you have all sorts of bits and bobs that you can attach to it to make a little Ninja Obstacle Course. The various bars, swing ropes and loops can be moved around to create your own variations.

My daughter in particular is super into monkey bars and climbing, and this slack line with it’s hanging apparatus basically lets her do many of the things she would do in a playground. We were originally looking at getting some monkey bars, but Slackers Ninja Line is much cheaper, and fulfills the purpose a treat. 

The other big plus is that the slack line is totally portable. Loosen the ratchet and you can take it anywhere. Our family loves to camp, so it has been great to take to the greater outdoors and set up around the campsite. It tends to come into its own as a focus point for kids to congregate around and play together.

The first time I set it up it took a little fiddling around, but once I got the hang of it was simple enough.

The “Ninja” side of things is fairly arbitrary, but was nice for us, being a mixed Japanese-western family that likes to incorporate Japanese-influenced stuff into our lifestyle.

Here are some picture of the Slackline in our backyard.

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