Japan’s Most Famous Anti-War Folk Song? Wataru Takada’s Jieitai Ni Hairo

You probably know something about the anti-war folk music of the United States in the 1960s. But do you know much about the parallel movements in Japan?
Today I’m taking a look at one of the most representative songs of the time, Wataru Takada’s 自衛隊に入ろう Jietai in hairou or, as I’ve translated it, “Why don’t you join the army?”

Japanoscope Translations Podcast #1 An Abridged English Translation of Chichan no Kageokuri (Chii and the shadow game) ちいちゃんのかげおくり英語訳

Graded Japanese reading practice, abridged-text version of the classic children’s story Chichan No Kageokuri by Kimiko Anma in Japanese and english. This story is read by millions of Japanese children every year as part of their studies and helps teach about the trials the Japanese people faced during world war two.