What are the words that killed Hana Kimura?

What happened to Hana Kimura?

Words are knives. On the 23rd of May 2020 we saw that in the tragic death of Hana Kimura, Wrestler and star of reality TV show Terrace House.

So what were the linguistic weapons that killed her? And what are the words that tried to come to her rescue? And how can we dodge the knives when they are thrown at us? Today I would like to tackle these questions by translating and analysing some of the comments made on Japanese social networks before and after her death.

I’ve divided these comments into the supporters of Hana, and the haters of Hana. And her own voice.

I want to start with the famous soccer player Keisuke Honda. He released a long audio commentary on the incident where he shared his own approach to dealing with online bullying. I will come back to the details of exactly what he does at the end, and hopefully that will help anyone that is listening if they ever have to deal with online abuse. First of all let’s look at one of his twitter comments.


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Honda Keisuke

Famouse Japanese soccer player.

Don’t target the weak people.
Even if I say “quit hating online”, online bullying won’t go away. So I’ll just say, go ahead and bully, but target the strong.


Bring your bullying my way, and you can use your platform to troll me to your heart’s content.


You are the most disgusting thing that has ever appeared on Terrace House, no, on Television.
Please just do us a favour and pull your head in.
No one is barracking for you, even as a pro-wrestler.


長与 千種 Chigusa Nagayo
My heart is heaving in pain. 
ありえん ありえん ありえん ありえんぞ、許せない 言葉は時に鋭利過ぎるナイフになって人の心の奥深くを 無残に切り裂き荒らす。
It’s impossible, impossible, impossible. It’s unforgivable. Sometimes words are over-sharp knives that cut cruelly, deep inside a person and sever the heart in two.


If you only saw the face she (Hana) presented, you were seeing a fictitious character. 
She lived without showing her true self, she was a professional.
The Hana that Chigusa Nagayo knew was a pure soul. 


For the first time, watching Terrace House made me sick.

I loved Terrace House until Hana came on. Please leave the show soon. I hate you.

If you were gone, everyone would be so happy. I’m serious, just disappear.





Celebrity and actress Yui Okada

The fact that people don’t realise that words are knives is just tragic. This sort of thing just shouldn’t happen.

Because someone is famous, and you don’t ever have to come face to face with them, a lot of people just think it’s okay to take pot shots.



If you hadn’t gone on Terrace House, about now you would be a low-grade wrestler living a regular, yet peaceful, life.
But because of your personality, you basically have lost all value as a human being. 
Because of that, don’t say things like “I want a boyfriend”. I’m sure you would be prone to domestic violence, so just don’t.
I guess maybe you were raised in a household like that. How you are raised is a scary thing.


メンタリストDaiGo @Mentalist_DaiGo

On hearing of Terrace House Hana Kimura’s death, it made me think, yet again, that entertainment agencies need to step up, lodge information disclosure requests and sue.

アンチに容赦yoshaなど不要。損害賠償だけでなく、勤務先の会社にも内容 証明送りつけて【社会的に抹殺masatsu】すべき。
Haters need no leniency. And it shouldn’t stop at compensation for damages. People need to have their places of work sent evidence of what has transpired, these sort of actions need to be obliterated from society.


In response to Hana’s cat photo post

Are you even being violent towards cats?


Smiley Kikuchi – Commentator

There are people that think that being abused online is “no big thing”.
But what is and is not a big thing isn’t decided by perpetrators, but by those that are perpetrated against.
Saying that pranking around is not deadly does not cut it. 
The people that have used their words as weapons are criminal “armchair murderers” who have stolen a life. Please just stop


Kazuya – Youtuber & Commentator

There are people that think that being abused online is “no big thing”.
But what is and is not a big thing isn’t decided by perpetrators, but by those that are perpetrated against.
Saying that pranking around is not deadly does not cut it. 
The people that have used their words as weapons are criminal “armchair murderers” who have stolen a life. Please just stop


Katsube Genki – Social Commentator

Since Hana Kimura’s death famous people have been calling for something to be done about online bullying.
That has led to the bullies in turn quickly abusing the people that are calling out the abuse. 
That is how the bullies try to bring down the celebrities. They really are no better than garbage.

Hana's own comments

Everyday, nearly 100 frank opinions.
The reason they cut me up is that I was unable to deny what they were saying. 
死ね、気持ち悪い、消えろ、今まで ずっと私が1番私に思ってました。
“Drop dead”, “you make sick”, “disappear”. These are all words I have told myself, more than anyone else. 
Mother, thanks for bringing me into this world.
In my life, all I wanted was to feel loved.
Thanks to everyone who has been in my corner.

大好きです。 弱い私でごめんなさい
I love you. Sorry for being weak little me.



I love you. Have fun, and live long. I’m sorry.

Honda Keisuke's comments

Renowned soccer player Keisuke Honda released an auditory commentary on his Nowvoice platform, where he talked about approaches to online bullying and his own approach to dealing with haters. He has some interesting ideas that are hopefully useful to many people.


The violence of language can cause more damage than real violence.
I, myself, have been the subject of online abuse. To say that it doesn’t phase me would be a lie.
But in my case, I guess you could say I’m used to it. It’s even gotten to the point where you could say that online abuse has become a source of energy for me.
I might be saying something strange here, and I really do think the world would be a better place without the bullies, and I do think that bullying shouldn’t happen,
but I feel like those people have actually become a kind of motivation for me. Maybe it’s some kind of “rebellious spirit” kind of thing…but, in that way, I’m thankful to them.

He goes on to talk about how the bullies may have been raised in difficult circumstances themselves, and be projecting their own pain. He tries to identify or humanise them.
He talks about how he has received death threats and all sorts of abuse, but is still alive and well. He goes as far as saying he wants to accept their abuse as a way of helping them heal.
He says he was blessed with a supporting upbringing, but not everyone is like that. As a result
He says people are fundamentally drawn to being mean to each other, and that realistically there is no way to eradicate this human trait.
His answer, then, for himself, is to accept the hatred, and use it like garbage that you turn into rocket fuel. Burn it up, harness its energy. I think that is a really important message for anyone that anyone who is a creator, wants to take part in the arena of ideas, who wants to change the world in any way, or anyone that just has a voice.


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