Best Japanese Christmas Decorations and Ornaments of 2021

Well I guess when you think of Christmas, sushi aren’t the first things to come to mind. But if you’re a fan of the Japanese aesthetic, well, why shouldn’t you have a bit of Rising Sun all year round?

There are a range of Japanese ornaments from the quirky, to the classy, traditional and modern.

Small lanterns can compliment the Christmas lights. Japanese wrapping paper, even anime wrapping paper, can bring a new accent to the space beneath the tree. Or you can go environmentally friendly and dispense with the wrapping paper altogether by using a Japanese “furoshiki” patterned cloth to wrap your presents. 

You can compliment your Japanese Christmas tree decorations with a whole other glowing sakura tree if you want to. You can beef up your Christmassy Japanese decor with a Japanese table runner.

Once you start thinking beyond the traditional “western Christmas” box, it opens up a whole new field of Eastern inspired possibilities. 

Here are some Japanoscope picks for a Japanese Christmas in 2021!

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