Best Japanese Christmas Decorations and Ornaments of 2024

Well, I guess when you think of Christmas, sushi isn’t the first thing to come to mind. But if you’re a fan of the Japanese aesthetic, well, why shouldn’t you have a bit of the Rising Sun all year round?

There is a range of Japanese ornaments from the quirky, to the classy, traditional and modern.

Here’s a list of some ideas to get you started.

1. Japanese lanterns

Small lanterns can complement the Christmas lights. Or if you’ve got a higher budget, try a couple of Japanese floor lanterns!

Japanese Lanterns on Amazon

2. Japanese wrapping paper

Japan is famous for its paper, from traditional Japanese paper, called washi through to cute stationery. Theres’s even anime wrapping paper! All of these can bring a new accent to the space beneath the tree!

Here are three options to get you started:

3. Furoshiki Fabric (To Replace Wrapping Paper)

Or who says there is only way to wrap a present? Go environmentally friendly and dispense with the wrapping paper altogether by using a Japanese “furoshiki” patterned cloth to wrap your presents. Three nice ones available online:

Our friends at Japaneseshop.co.uk have some really nice Furoshiki here too.

4. Japanse Style Christmas Tree

You can replace, or complement, your existing Japanese Christmas tree with something more Japanese. Think Sakura or Japanese maple branches. Or a whole other glowing sakura tree if you want to.

Try one of these:

5. Japanese table runner

The dining table tends to be the center piece of many family Christmases, so it’s the perfect place for a little bit of Japan-panache. You can beef (or pork or turkey if you prefer) up your Christmassy Japanese decor with a Japanese table runner.

Japanese style table-runners online.

6. Japanese Christmas Tree Decorations

It doesn’t have to be just reindeer and snowmen on the Christmas tree. How about Kimono-clad Geisha or traditional Japanese style bauble?

Some nice Japanese Christmas tree decorations on Amazon:

Once you start thinking beyond the traditional “western Christmas” box, it opens up a whole new field of Eastern-inspired possibilities.

Here are some Japanoscope picks for a Japanese Christmas in 2021!

Sushi Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments!

When you think Christmas, raw fish isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, Bing Crosby never sang a song about hanging fishy morsels from the Christmas Tree. But if you’re a fan of perhaps Japan’s finest cuisine export, then theses sushi decorations could be your thing. This set features three pieces that actually look quite realistic and surprisingly festive. You may need to make sure that Santa doesn’t eat one by mistake delivering the Christmas cheer in the dark light of eve. Now there’s a song for someone to write.

Here are some Japanoscope picks for a Japanese Christmas in 2024!

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