Demon Slayer Uniform Back Meaning

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Demon Slayer uniform kanji meaning

The kanji found on most Demon Slayer Uniforms is 滅 (Metsu), meaning destroy, ruin, annihilate, and perish. However, in the Demon Slayer Uniform context, 滅 (Metsu) means exterminator, killer, or destroyer –of demons, of course. 

This “Metsu”is the same as the one used in the  in the Japanese title of the anime franchise “Kimetsu no Yaiba. ” 

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Some Demon Slayer Corps uniform has the kanji 隠 on them, which is read as /Kakushi/, and non-combatant corps use it. The kanji (Kakushi) has a dictionary meaning conceal, hide, and cover. However, in Demon Slayer’s context, Kakushi refers to the brigade that cleans after the battle and takes care of the wounded demon slayers.

Demon Slayer Uniform Back Meaning

The meaning of the writings on the back of the members’ uniform of Demon Slayer Corps defines their role in the brigade. Most Demon slayers with a kanji (Chinese Origin Characters) marking at the back of their uniform are the “exterminator” or the fighting force of the demon slayer corps. 

Roles of Demon Slayer Corps

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The Demons Slayer Army is composed of different groups. Each one of those groups serves a specific function depending on their ability. There are mainly two major types of corps of Demon Slayers in Wisteria. The units are divided into combatants and non-combatant members. 

Both roles play a huge part in maintaining peace and order simultaneously, keeping the welfare of the entire Demon Slayer Corps. 

The Roles of Exterminators

The exterminators are the main force that drives the Demon Slayer Corps. Their function is to exterminate demons; each exterminator is given assignments every now and then to kill demons in specific areas. 

Exterminators often wear the same black uniform with the kanji 滅 (Metsu) at the back while carrying swords or any weapon they primarily used to exterminate demons.     

The Roles of Support

The Kakushis or supporters are the non-combatant members of the Demon Slayer Corps. They often serve as a support to the exterminators and run everywhere they are needed. The supports are called Kakushi with the kanji 隠. 

Other supporters that are not members of the Kakushis are the Administrators, the Cultivators, and the Nichirin Swordsmiths.  

The Kakushi

The Kakushis have a wide variety of tasks. They are considered an all-rounder of the demon slayer corps. They are often assigned tasks such as cleaning after battlefields, providing first aid to wounded demon slayers on the battlefield, healing wounded demon slayers, researching, maintaining uniforms, providing provisions, laundry, housekeeping, and helping out in the Butterfly mansion. 

Because some Kakushis are also required to be present on the battlefield, especially the paramedics, they also get wounded since they don’t have the strength to defend themselves. 

Some Kakushis are retired demon slayers (exterminators) and those who were too wounded to fight anymore. However, the majority of Kakushis are composed of those who failed in the Final Selection.

The Administrators

The administrator is responsible for gathering and analyzing information, managing assignments, delegating tasks, designating assignments to demon slayers, managing finances, making important decisions, and hosting ceremonial events such as Ore selection after the final selection. 

The Cultivators

The Cultivators are responsible for recruiting and training those who want to join the Demon Slayer corps. They sift out all the applicants and make sure that they are worthy of joining the corps. The cultivators will recommend those who pass the application to take the final assessment. 

The Swordsmiths

The Nichirin Swordsmiths are responsible for making and maintaining the weapons of the exterminators. They are an important member of the support brigade since they make sure that Demon Slayers are well-equipped to fight strong demons. Should a Nichirin weapon be worn out, broken, or lost, the Nichirin Swordsmiths provide services to the demon slayer that needs their help: a dull sword is sharpened, cracked or broken blades are reforged, and lost swords are replaced with a new one. 

An entire village is dedicated to Nichirin swordsmiths, and season three of the Demon Slayer anime will feature the “Swordsmith Village Arc.”

Demons Slayer Rankings

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The exterminators are ranked according to their strength. The highest rank an exterminator can get is a Hashira. A Hashira is second to the highest rank in the entire Westeria, and they are the strongest members of the Demon Slayer Corps. The lowest rank among the exterminators is the Mizunoto (癸), which acts as backups and is assigned to easier extermination. 

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Vol. 16 (16)

The highest rank a supporter can get is an administrator, but this rank is only reserved for the members of the Ubuyashiki Family. The Ubuyashikis are the masters of Westeria, and they manage the entire Demon Slayer army, including the Hashiras.