Overlord anime armor types and cosplay examples

When it comes to MMORPGs, one of the most important factors in developing a good game character is having a good set of armor and weapons. High-grade armor helps a lot in ensuring you can withstand attacks by boosting certain stats.

Because the plot of Overlord revolves around the concept of having a game system becoming a reality, armor and weapons, aside from skills, are essential to assert strength and dominance. 

Armor is such a big deal in the Overlord series. There’s whole discussions relating to the armor and weapons used in Overlord online (both the Overlord anime and light novel). 

The armor in the Overlord series (see our article on the best Overlord watch-order here) are mostly from the Yggdrasil game, especially the legendary and rare-class ones. They are proof that players were/are present in this “isekai” other-world. 

These armors from the Yggdrasil are so powerful that they can immediately change the tide of war. One armor has the capacity to wipe out an entire army. These armors are symbols of power. So, it’s not surprising that Overlord fans are crazy about these items. 

The Sudden Talk About Armor in Overlord

The last episodes of season 4 of the Overlord anime series have fans talking about the armor that came out, especially the Platinum Dragon Lord’s armor and the powered suit. 

It’s not surprising since the series of events is adjusted to make way for the Overlord movie about the Holy Kingdom arc. Because of the rearrangement of the timeline, it became the only season with the most armor used by characters since it was released. 

In fact, most armor used in the previous seasons (Except for Touch Me’s armor) came out in Season 4, including, Gazel’s armor, Shalltear’s Valkery armor, Albedo’s Hermes Trismegistus, Momon’s Jet-Black body armor, and many more. Everybody starts comparing the armor according to strength and durability. 

The moment the powered suit is shown in the defence of the port territory of the E-Rantel kingdom, it becomes a question why Ains are not giving his powered suit armor to his subordinates and deploying them into the war. These powered suits are a great supplement for weaker characters and could have been an additional strength for the Sorcerer Kingdom.

There’s also the question of the origin of the Dragon lord’s armor and why it is used the way the Dragonlord uses it instead of letting his direct subordinates equip them. While these questions are answered properly in the light novel, anime fans who haven’t read the light novel are baffled by it.  

Armors in Overlord anime

There are several armors available in the Overlord anime. While many of them are weak and insignificant, those exceptional armors are significant to the plot of Overlord. 

Types of Armor

Powered Suit

The armor of reinforcement is a powered suit from Yggdrasil. It is meant to aid beginner players in catching up to maxed-level players with World Champion class equipment. While the suit gives an extra boost in attack power, the defence is very minimal. 

This type of armor only increases attack power to get firepower just enough to support high-ranking party members. Despite the limited boost in attack power and speed, the HP of the wearer is not affected by the boost.

If you are level 20 and you wear the armor, your attack and speed will be increased, comparable to the base stat of a level 80 player. However, your HP will remain equivalent to your original base HP. If you get hit by a high-level mob, there is a good chance that you will immediately die. 

Because this armor is a full suit, all other equipment and weapons are unwearable as long as you have the power suit on. It also doesn’t allow the wearer to use his own skills and magic. This makes this armor useless to maxed-level players. 

The armor has its own set of weapons (mid to long-range attacks), and it causes damage up to 7th-tier magic. There are three known types of powered suits, each with its own set of skills.

So far, there are only three powered suits known to exist in the isekai world of Overlord: 2 of them are in the guild vault of the Sorcerer kingdom owned by Ains, and the other is owned by Azuth Aindra, uncle of the leader of the Blue Rose party, Lakyus. The powered suit Azuth owns is an inheritance from a family member who is a player transported from the Yggdrasil game. 

Banded Armors

Banded armors are the type of armor typically worn by adventurers. It is a low-grade version of full-plate armor and can only provide a minimal amount of defence. 

It is often made of layers of metal and leather. It is also worn with a chain mill as an extra support.

They are not the strongest armor, but they at least help avoid getting critically injured from basic attacks. Some high-class Banded armors have abilities. 

One example of a well-known banded armor is the Cat’s Elegance, owned by Succulent. It can resist regular sword damage. 

Full Plated Armors

Knights, soldiers, vanguards, and tank-type warriors often wear full-plate armor. 

The entire suit is made of metal, covering the wearer’s whole body. Most full plate armors have headgears that expose the major parts of the head. However, some offer full protection, such as the Jet-Black full plate armor of the Adamantite rank adventurer Momon.

Mid to High-class types of full-plated armor often have certain skills to support the wearer. For example, Gazef’s Guardian armor has a stat increase effect and the ability to deflect certain levels of incoming attack (including magic). 

Another example of a well-known high-class full-plated armor is Gagaran’s Gaze Bane armor of Blue Roses party. While its armor effect and skills are never elaborated in the light novel nor the anime, it is said to boost the wearer’s stats and can provide a limited debuff resistance. 

Scale Mail

A scale mail is a low-class type of armor with scale-like metals attached to the leather armor. It’s often used by beginner adventurers and only offers very little protection. 

Since they are low-grade, scale mail armor doesn’t have any abilities, even those famous ones. One known adventurer who wears scale mail is Clementine. She uses the tags of the adventurers she kills as “scale” for her leather armor. 

This type of armor works well for Clementine since she is an agility warrior, and heavy equipment will only cause her speed to go down. 

Dress Armors

Attack-type warriors rarely use dress armor. There used to be an argument about whether dress-type armors provide a significant amount of protection since these types of armor have plenty of gaps and only cover certain parts of the body.

However, in Volume 16 of the Overlord light novel, it is clarified that while dress armors only cover certain parts of the body, the protection it provides is as good as full-plated armor. The exposed areas of the body of the wearer, such as the joints, neck, stomach, etc., will be covered by a protection aura evenly distributed throughout the entire body.

According to Ains, the protection even goes as far as the head. However, the strength of its protection depends on the class type of the armor. One notable dress armor that is used in combat is Mare’s. However, this is only spare equipment given by Mare’s maker, Bukubukuchagama (one of the guild members of Ains).

Overlord Armor Cosplay and suits

While there are several armors you can cosplay from the Overlord series, only a handful are available that you can purchase. This is because many armors in Overlord, especially full-plated armors, are meticulous and can be very costly. 

A whole-body armor requires specific measurements to fit on you properly, and materials for cosplaying are sometimes not durable enough for shipping. This is why a lot of cosplayers make their own costumes. The problem with this is not everyone has the time to make their own. 

A full-plated armor could take several and sometimes even weeks to finish. From choosing and acquiring materials, making patterns for each armor part, fitting and readjusting, and painting. There’s just too much to do.

While it’s not an abundant list, here are some Overlord armor you can buy for your cosplay online:

Full Costumes

Full costumes are mostly ready or custom-made, which you can just wear immediately after receiving the item. It still requires a few tweaks and adjustments to look the part, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make it work.

Momon’s Jet-Black Full-Plated Armor

Here’s one of my favorites. Really well made and realistic!

Momon cosplay costume image 2

Momon Cosplay Costume – Etsy 

– helmet with red light (eva foam made)

– shoulder pauldron, chest armor, skirt armor and shinguards ,elbow and hand guard (eva foam made)

– 2 sword weapon (ave foam made)

– red cape, red scarf and red shlouder coverage

– black under suit

– black faux leather chest and bracer pads

Albedo Armor

This one is a real striking suit of armor for one of Overlord’s most iconic characters.

Albedo Armor image 1

Albedo Armor – Etsy 

Made of professional Evafoam 100, and covered with plastidip

Extremely elastic colors

Armor Patterns

Armor patterns are cosplay materials to help you build your own costume. They are premade patterns that can serve as the base of your costume. There is still a lot of work to turn into an actual costume, such as painting and glueing. Their main function is to help you get started with the form of the costume so you can freely make adjustments based on your build and height. 

Dark Armor Patterns
Dark Warrior Momon  Overlord Cosplay Pepakura Foam Template image 1

Dark Warrior Momon Overlord Cosplay Pepakura Foam Template – Etsy

Albedo Armor Pattern
Albedo Armor Pattern Bundle  Overlord Cosplay image 2

Albedo Armor Pattern bundle Overlord Cosplay – Etsy 

Touch Me’s World Champion Class Armor
Lord Touch Me Armor  Overlord Cosplay Pepakura Foam Template image 1

Lord Touch Me Armor Overlord Cosplay Pepakura Foam Template – Etsy 

Naberal Gamma’s Battle Maid Armor Metal Plates (Maid costume not included)
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Overlord Narberal Gamma Costume Armor Buy – Go2Cosplay

In conclusion,the Overlord anime armor is definitely something that you should consider if you are looking for some new and interesting armor to add to your collection, or some highly unique Overlord merch. It is unique, it is stylish, and it will definitely turn heads when you wear it out and about. Just be prepared for people to ask you a lot of questions about it.

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Article by John Salinas.

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