Demon Slayer Eyes Meaning

The markings on the eyes of the demons in Demon Slayer represent their rank among Demon Overlord Muzan’s minions. Only those who are powerful enough get to have the marking on their eyes. The markings are a sign that the demons have official rank among demons. Only Muzan can bestow the markings.  The Strongest Demons …

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Marechi Meaning Demon Slayer

The Marechi in Demon Slayer refers to the rare and special blood that some humans possess. The blood has a very strong effect on demons that can cause them to go into a frenzy, disrupt their senses, and sometimes even make them go insane! Characteristics of Marechi Blood The Marechi blood is so powerful that …

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Demon Slayer Uniform Back Meaning

Demon Slayer uniform kanji meaning The kanji found on most Demon Slayer Uniforms is 滅 (Metsu), meaning destroy, ruin, annihilate, and perish. However, in the Demon Slayer Uniform context, 滅 (Metsu) means exterminator, killer, or destroyer –of demons, of course.  This “Metsu”is the same as the one used in the  in the Japanese title of …

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Demon Slayer Kanji Meaning

The Japanese title for the anime “Demon Slayer” is Kimetsu no Yaiba and it is written as: 鬼滅の刃  using Japanese kanji.  The Kanji for Demon Slayer, as we’ve written about in our look at the meaning of the words Kimetsu no yaiba, literally means “Demon destroying Blade,” “Demon Killing Blade,” and “Blade of Demon Destruction.” …

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Oiran Meaning Demon Slayer

Daki Upper Rank Six Moon Demon Slayer  Oiran meaning in Demon Slayer Oiran in Demon Slayer refers to the high-ranking courtesan in the Entertainment District Arc. Being an Oiran 花魁 in real life Japan in the Edo period was the highest rank a courtesan could achieve. She represented the pinnacle in the hierarchical structures of …

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Demon Slayer Earrings Meaning

The earrings worn by Tanjiro in Demon Slayer are “Hanafuda” earrings. “Hanafuda” 花札 literally means “Flower Cards” and is a Japanese card game that involves matching up different well-known flowers .  The Demon Slayer hanafuda earings are a family heirloom passed down for generations through the Kamado family (See our other article, “Kamado Meaning Demon …

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Seppuku Meaning Demon Slayer

Seppuku refers to the traditional way of committing suicide in old Japan for reasons of honor. Seppuku is done largely to “appease” people in a social group. In the case of Demon Slayer, it is done to relieve the Hashiras (or pillars) from the dishonor brought about by misconduct, lack of judgement, or disgraceful acts …

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Hashira Meaning Demon Slayer

The Japanese word “Hashira” means “Pillar” in English. The Hashira refers to the masters of individual sword styles in the Demon Slayer Corps that play the role of metaphorical “pillars” within the organisation. They are the most powerful swordsmen in Wisteria, that no ordinary demon slayer can match in skill.  The hashira are the “foundations” …

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